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Gave up my job!


Last Edited: September 11, 2004, 1:15 pm

Oh, I no longer work for someone else!

I left the job that was a bane of my life, those that have read my previous blogs will know what I was going through and will understand. I got home and there was a message on my phone saying I had sponsored another member so that cheered me up.

It works out that I will be paid till the end of the month so I am gonna spend the next week going door to door in my nice clothes and clipboard with signup norms, when I find out how that goes, I will decide if I will do it full time and really push hard to get team builders, if it is slow, I'll get a part time job, my commission is enough now that I can half my wages and still be the same. Its a shame coz I was enjoying the cash on top of my wages but now I will have no excuse to not go out there and get some more in my team.

I'll also be pushing my home tutoring into overdrive and see if I can totally replace my income, going to peoples homes and giving them the service that they didnt get at a commercial venue, it'll be an ideal opportunity to offer discounts to people if they join my syndicate.

I have to take this opportunity, as that's what it is. A good incentive for doing well, not to mention I am so jealous of Yogesh who is now making mega-money. my goal is to get 100 directs by the end of september....watch this space!!

...as for my wonder bike?..well the insurance company are being gits and saying because it was a road rage, they wont provide me with a bike, why? well, the other side has accident insurance and not "stupid idiot driver" insurance, they wont be able to get the other sides' insurance to pay...blah! here's my pic

toodle-pip my anonymous readers!.

Andy the intrepid

edit: added picture

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