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Drink and Heroin - a mugs game


wow what a day, not only do I have to deal with my boss asking questions about me behind my back instead of to my face, I had to act fast with a near death experience for someone else outside our business.

the local drunks usually sit on the bench outside our business place and most times , they cause no trouble and often I got out for a smoke and a chat with them. Only today, one of them drank wayyy too much and his friends (pah!) told him to go up their dingy flat and smoke some heroin. bad bad combo.

we noticed him slouched with his head bowed and another local junkie started to talk to him but then ran about shouting ," he's dead , he's dead!" ..a crowd soon gathered and ummed and arred and no one would do anything! just stood and watched, I'm suprised no-one tried to rob him (its that kind of area). I couldn't just stand there so I got him off the bench, put him on the floor in the recovery position and had to hook his tongue from the back of his mouth urrrgh. I noticed his heart rate was non existent so I had to do massage on his chest and thankfully, he came around after just a few pumps and belched really loudly! his blue lips, ears and face flushed with colour and although his pupils were pin pricks - he managed to snoor and thats when the super professional paramedics arrived and revived him fully.
he's a proud man the size of a mountain and refused to go to the hospital even though he had a heart attack 6 months ago. when he was in the ambulance, his heart rate went up to 230 bpm !! thats faster than some rave music. some people just dont wanna be helped. I hope he will be ok all the same.

hows that song go? " saw a man come back to life today..."

my boss asked made comments along the lines of , "where were you for so long?" wottaw**ker.

weird thing is, I was as cool as a cucumber during the incident and only started shaking on the way home.

I was totally screwing about my job today but after that, I kinda realised that things could be much worse for me.

and... one of my new members won on wednesdays lotto!! not the big 'un but a small 'un. and it all counts.

Entry #5


Comment by bobo7703 - August 26, 2004, 6:41 pm

u save his life that good! tell your boss to f**k off
Comment by glytch - August 27, 2004, 3:22 am
very nearly did Bobo! but he is on hols from today, so looks like I'll be doing a fair bit of surfing from work!

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