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Ooooo too busy to post blogs recently, I have been constructing websites, reading ebooks, fixing pc's, negotiating contracts...oh the fun of working for myself!.

It is still going well without working for someone else's benefit, my team is growing really well and I have only got 1 more signup before I get my next bonus entry woohoo! I haven't done any offline stuff yet apart from the door2door I did as a method of developing an approach that doesn't bring up the barriers straight away... it worked because I can use the free entry as the opener, most times that gets me to talk about the advantages of 44 lines per draw, 2 draws a week for a fiver thing and I had some good reactions which is encouraging. Whats best is my online methods, found a way to get 10,000 views a day of my pdf advert without going over the line of decency and using spam, popups and all other annoying advertising, omg I hate popups and spam...its proof in the pudding that my team has almost doubled since I last posted and all I used was free sites and good customer service.

The BDM meeting in Manchester is going to be really good, I can't wait. I have even managed to be able to borrow my girlfriends mercedes to drive up there but some dirty fo**er scraped "bitch" with a key in the door and hood, some people ! I was looking forward to showing off to the other lotto peeps and now I gotta park it around the back and hide my bitch car! ;)

The cat is growing! I was looking at some of the first photos I took of him and now I can see how much he has grown, its like seeing someones kid after a year and seeing how they have grown but to the parents, the kid is still their kid.

lol, I gave the cat a shower today and used my girlfriends shampoo, now he smells nice and has really smooth fur! oh I hope there are no tree huggers out there who are gonna report me for not using "all natural, dolphin friendly organic herbal feline shampoo" ;-)

No news on the motorbike or white-boy-racer yet :-( , but at least I have got a mountain bike and that keeps me fit , well, not as unfit .
I fell off it today, trying to do a stupid wall ride down a subway, damn it looks so easy on the X-Games hehe

Pictures from today.....

Some kids get a ticket from the Sunny Slough Ticketers! these guys'll ticket anything, I just missed taking a photo of them trying to ticket a bicycle!!!

The view from the train on the way home from getting my phone fixed...

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