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What You Are to Do


What You Are to Do

Heavenletter #934 Published on: May 12, 2003
God said:

A lapse from greatness is only a lapse. It is not absence from greatness. That greatness has been out of your sight doesn't mean it's not there. That you are disbelieving of the power within you does not mean you don't have it. It means that you have not yet seen or seen well.

And yet you have had glimpses, for you do have a suspicion that what I say is true. There is a shred of doubt in your disbelief. Even 1% of God power is powerful indeed.

You already know that you have been powerful enough to cause pain to others. One curt word from you has been enough to make others quake. You can press down on another's heart or you can lift it. You have the power to make others happy at no cost to yourself. And now you will do more of it. Practice making others happy. If only for a moment, drop hints of happiness. Help others to suspect that there is something eminently worthwhile within them too.

You are powerful enough to be a messenger for Me. Why send small messages when you can just as well send great ones? You don't mind being My messenger, do you? It is a great enough thing to be a delivery person for God. You will not find greater. Be wing-footed Mercury today and wrap My messages around the world.

I dropped a message of love in your heart, and it has been sitting there. When you withhold My messages of love from another, you withhold it from yourself. Why would you do that? Why would you deny yourself one of the great pleasures of the universe?

Just think of it. You are in a position to give light to another's heart. You are a light-bearer. Light is easy to carry and easy to spread. The light in your heart will sparkle another's when you do not keep your light imprisoned. Light is unhappy when it is kept back.

If you feel averse to making another happy, are you averse to giving light its freedom?

The light in your heart is not yours to keep. It is not meant to be stored there. Your heart is a way station. Your heart is a drop-off point. Delivery companies do not wait for people to pick up packages. They deliver. Weighty and bulky are the packages they deliver.

The light that is within you to give weighs nothing and doesn't take up space. And yet, when you deliver it, you feel lightened. Your heart soars. Your head spins with joy. You become less full of thoughts and more full of heart. Has it not been that your head has been over-active and your heart restrained?

Enough of hiding My light within you. I planted light in your heart for a reason. It is not to be saved for a better time. There is no better time. You are a mover of My light. You have had enough time to think about it. Now start moving it.

You are like a diver on a high diving-board. He keeps leaning to jump, but stops himself each time.

You are like a sneeze that is forthcoming but doesn't quite make it.

Be full-blown with light from your heart today. This is not a personal thing I speak of. It is My light within you that is yours to share.

Today you will count hearts. How many hearts can you round up today? Start with your own. Embolden your own heart. Dare to shine My light wherever you go and whatever you see. Let My light fall equally upon the universe of man's heart.

Entry #205


Comment by CashWinner$ - December 7, 2011, 7:00 pm
"A lapse from greatness is only a lapse. It is not absence from greatness"... That's a really powerful statement in relaion 2 the internal/external light ... Very thought provoking..

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