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The Common Sense of Love


The Common Sense of Love

Heavenletter #819 Published on: January 15, 2003
God said:

You keep looking for answers. You attempt to reason with life. You look for logic. You look for evidence. You look for proof. You look for life to make sense to you. In a field of flowers, you look for a giraffe. In the middle of the ocean, you look for an elephant. In turmoil, you look for parity.

But life is not about logic. Life is about love. Make love your battle-cry, not justice. Justice can only come from judgment, and you have been told not to judge, for so you will be judged, for so you judge yourself. The main thing is that judgment slows you down in life. Judgment is a plug. Judgment is a reckoning, and there is no reckoning with life. Justice seeks to right a wrong but has no answer. Seeking answers is seeking in the wrong place. Anyway, judgment is beside the point.

If you are caught in a trap, the question isn't how you got there or how foolish you were or how bad something or someone else was or how you can even the score. The question is: "How do you get out?" That is logic.

When you wrestle with justice, you can only stay on the mat. Wrestling with justice is like punching the same bag over and over again, perhaps from a different angle, but yet still in the same spot. Seeking justice, you dig in. You dig yourself in. You pommel yourself into a crazy circle. The only answer possible for you is to rise above.

Rise above justice, and you are on a new plane, a new playing field, much wider, one that is free. Judgment and justice clamp your freedom. They are hands that grab you by the neck and won't let go. In demanding justice to right injustice, you set another trap for yourself.

Scurrying across the surface of life, you look for a balance. Balance is a measure. Life can't be measured. Trying to measure life is a fruitless task. Life is to move forward in, not measure. It is that simple.

Wherever you are in life now, in a valley or on a peak, you cannot stay in the same place forever, do you agree? Why then stay in the justice mode? It makes you pout. Move forward instead. There is only going towards. Justice and judgment divert you from the reliability of truth.

You look for earth to satisfy you. Earth life becomes your mission. You seek to convert others to your well-being. To your satisfaction. To your sense of things. To your will. But what can you catch in worldly life and hold onto? What is this justice you seek? And what do you have when you get it?

Come back to a higher place. See beyond the humdrum and the details of life that you try to match up together.

Come back to love.

If you want evenness in life, match yourself up with Me.

The only fairness in life is love.

That is the whole story.

Love balances and erases everything. Even a little oil turns a squeaky door into a quiet-moving one.

Everything evens out in love. Rather, what was uneven disappears. Love holds only itself. Therefore, love lets go. Love yourself enough to let go of past wrongs. Love is fair value. With judgment, you compress yourself whereas love expands you. Throw off the chains of justice and judgment. Choose to love rather than indict.

Entry #210


topazz28Comment by topazz28 - December 7, 2011, 12:33 am
This one is really,really for me. I called for justice today because I felt someone had wronged me. Looking at it correctly now and I am so glad I don't have to set a trap for myself by judging that person. Love really is the answer-- "Love balances and erases everthing!"

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