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God Asks


God Asks

Heavenletter #262 Published on: July 18, 2001
God said:

When you accept where and what your Real Existence is, you won't be possessed so much by the fears that presently possess you. Will you agree that fear has you in its clutches, that it often motivates you?

What does fear think it is? It thinks it is premonition, and it thinks it is insurance. It thinks it is a seer and a swordsman in one. It thinks it is your defender when it is your undoer.

But fear doesn't really think at all. It is you who does the thinking for it. Fear uses you to make itself big, and you comply.

You do not need a seer to see the future for you, and you do not need a swordsman to defend you from it. Your future is now, this very moment. Don't undo it. Plant your foot firmly where it is for the moment that it is. Don't hedge your life. Don't play out the worst scenarios in your mind. Don't endorse them. Don't magnify them.

Let not fear be the master of you. Do not let fear call the shots. Do not obey fear. Jump over it. Kick it away. Boo it. Leap over your imagined fate.

You count imaginary disasters. You court them.

Instead, court blessings. Blessings can befall you. Make them real more than fear. Embellish the blessings and banish the fears. Lure the good wishes toward you. Entertain that which you desire. Take the cap off your life like the cap off a bottle of effervescent soda, and hold it high before you drink. Hold your life up to the Sun. Hold it up to Me. Hold it up for all to see.

Fear is the coward's way out. It is not for you. Let not fear be your byword. Let goodness and mercy be your bywords, for surely they shall follow you all the days of your life. Have they not?

What strokes of good fortune have you had and still have? What blessings have already crowded around you? What sea of love are you immersed in? Bid more joy toward you. Beckon rewards forward. Greet them as if they were already there, for they are there. They are right before you. Try to see them rather than peril.

Do not buy the world's fears. Do not consider them inevitable. Facts in the world are often collected observations and predictions based upon scary ideas, and the so-called facts keep you down. Doom is so much looked for, as if finding signs of it proves something, but it proves fallacy. Do not choose belief in doom.

Prove the goodness of your heart. Temper the goodness of all men's hearts. Temper good vision. Pick out the future you want, and that is where life will pull you.

Stride forward in life in the direction you want to go. You do not have to go with the masses. Follow a star instead. Follow a star I give you. Follow your own star, for I have given it to you. Go as far as it will take you, and that is very far, very far indeed.

Don't be too comfortable where you are sitting. Avoidance of fear is not your life's mission. Did you think it was?

I did not create you to be a creature of fear. I created you a creature of love. Move in that direction, and fear won't catch you.

What will you do today to change the tone of your life? What brave little thing will you do? What bravery will you contemplate? If you were the bravest soul on Earth, what might you do today from the place where you stand? What might you say and to whom? What stone would you turn, and whose eyes would you light? Where would your loyalty lie, and what changes would you effect?

What would you be doing but unsheathing your heart? You would bare your heart instead of hiding it.

I look to you to help Me usher in the world that man is capable of. I ask you to help Me today.

Entry #213


Jani NormanComment by Jani Norman - December 8, 2011, 8:09 pm
Thank You for posting, these words are here for me to read at this time, God led me here to read his answer to a question that I have in my heart...I always remember what my pastor said in bible school one evening to us his congregation, that God did not instill fear in man, we did that to ourselves..There is nothing to fear but fear itself....
topazz28Comment by topazz28 - December 9, 2011, 12:43 am
You are so welcome! God bless your heart Jani Norman.

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