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The Source of Love


The Source of Love

Heavenletter #953 Published on: June 1, 2003
God said:

The truth of your heart lies within its depth. At the innermost level of your heart, Truth is intact. There, your heart is what it is. Never injured, never marred, never altered, never anything but what it is, it lies patiently and waits for its chance to rise.

Your heart is a beautiful gift, gift from Me, and gift for you to give.

Take away the subterfuges that have disparaged your heart, and you will come to know it. Once you reach the bottom of your heart, you will never want to leave it.

The surface of your heart is like a paste diamond. You have worn it and enjoyed it and shown it off. Once you see the difference between the man-made jewel and the God-made one, you can't go back. Once you know better, you cannot pretend you don't know the difference.

Your deepest heart does not have an object. It does not love this one and that, and not this one and that. Your innermost heart simply loves. It beams its own light. It does not depend upon nourishment from somewhere else. It is its own nourisher. It thrives on itself.

Your innermost heart beats on its own. It beats for the joy of beating. It is dependent upon nothing but itself. Nothing demolishes it nor takes away one iota of its love.

This layer of your heart is the true King. The seat of royalty is enthroned within your heart. The coffers are so full, you can dispense love to one and all and never ever run out, nor imagine for one moment that you can. When you live in your heart of hearts, there is nothing else.

The love in your heart that requires no object does not start and stop. The love is uninterrupted. What could disrupt it? What could intrude upon it?

The love in your deepest heart is love heaped on itself. It is love on love. The subject of your heart is love, and there is no other.

At present, this level of your heart needs stirring, and I stir it. I stir it well.

Your heart has been idle, and now it is awakened.

Now your heart becomes the conquering hero. It conquers ignorance. But ignorance is not worthy of being conquered. It is only absence of truth. But it is all right to consider your deepest heart as the conquering hero and to hail it.

Truth has arrived. It is settling into your heart. Ignorance flies away in the face of true-heartedness. Ignorance leaves you now. You are more aware of the depths of your heart now, and that makes you greater.

The eyes of the world do not see you, but now you see you, and now you leave the past behind, and now you enter the present, and now your heart is full of what can never be emptied. Your heart is full of All That There Is, and what can that be but love, and what can true love be but God. So, yes, I sit in your heart, and I do not twiddle My thumbs. I activate you. I activate Myself within what We call you.

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