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Dross to Gold


Dross to Gold

Heavenletter #607 Published on: June 18, 2002
God said:

You consider your twists of thought twists of fate. In one sense, nothing is outside of you. And yet you are the one who takes it in. How you take in what appears outside of you makes all the difference in the world. What you make of what you take in makes all the difference in the world. You can turn gold to dross, and dross to gold. You are an alchemist of thought.

Thoughts are your medium. They are the terrain you walk in. You have clouds of thought, and some light rays. Shift your thinking into the direction of light. Dare to.

You shift gears in your car. Now shift gears in your thought. Ascend. Scale the heights. Reach the mountain top of your mind. You do not belong in the vales of thought. Go up where the air is clear and where you are closer to Me. Dare to rise.

Perhaps you think that what I say is meant for everyone else, that everyone else needs to change their thinking, but not you. But, yes, you, too, need to switch your thinking to another station, perhaps one you don't hear so clearly, perhaps one that speaks to you of strange unbelievable things, such as, that you are more than you give yourself credit for, that there is a vaster horizon before you than you let yourself see, that you are more than an earthling, that you are, in truth, a Heavenling, that you have an infinite capacity for love, that, amidst the apparent disparity there is only Oneness on earth, that you are to hold your head high, that you are to raise yourself higher and the earth and all on it higher with you, that you are an emissary from Heaven with all the rights and privileges, that your obligation is to give and receive joy, that you are not a bobble on top of the ocean, but the Ocean itself, furling and unfurling, leaping and splashing, swimming in Itself, that there is no luxury of defeat or loss nor is there winning, because all is victory, all is life, all is a feast set before you, and that you are, all in all, the All of All.

You have been looking at yourself with a microscope. Therefore, you have lost sight of yourself and what you are doing on earth.

Stop peering through a microscope. Take a grandscope. Remove the pitiful lenses you have been looking through. There is much more than is framed within your glasses.

All boundaries you see — you have erected or bought. You put them there, or you accepted that they were there. Either way, you have lain down the posts, hammered in the nails, and, all the while, you worked on the establishment of a mirage. You paid dearly for nothing at all. All the borders you have incepted or purchased do not exist except in the imagination of the world. You sold yourself into slavery. You sold yourself cheap. You gave up your inheritance for a potage.

Now, stop looking at the posts. Stop looking at the post-holes. Start looking at the space between the posts. Do you see how you will see farther? Even if you have to peer through a crack, do it. The crack will widen until you will find yourself walking through it. You will be in a blaze of bliss. You will be amazed and dazed with the glory of who you are and where you walk and what pervading vastness you reach and enter.

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