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The Oneness of All Existence


The Oneness of All Existence

Heavenletter #816 Published on: January 12, 2003
God said:

More meaningful than any advice I give to you is Our Closeness. We rub shoulders, you and I. That We are together means more than anything We say. Words are peripheral. Our engagement is integral. Our rapport engages Us. We are here for each other. That is enough. Our words are only lyrics to Our Great Song. As magnificent as My word is, Our being together is more. We are beyond any meaning We can put on Ourselves, Our One Self.

We do not need words to express what We are to each other.

If there were no words, We would still be Oneness. We are as linked as two peas in a pod, but We are One. We are One doubled. We carry each other's hearts, and We see that there is one heart between Us. Our hearts are One. There is no apartness. Apartness does not exist. We exist.

We trip over each other, We are so eager in Our Oneness, this Oneness of Stillness. But there is no falling. You cannot fall from grace. You can only lose your awareness of it. I am never ever willing to part with you. I cannot. From the first moment of Our existence, I was inalterably committed to you. I am committed to you, all of you, all of the imagined rays of My Oneness.

You are a reflection of Me. That is My commitment. It is what it is. I would not change it even if I could. Why would I? What could I replace you with? You are all that I am. It is said that I am your Keeper, but, in truth, We keep each other. I am just more aware of My responsibility to you. My responsibility to you is another name for My love. I know how to love. I cannot do otherwise for I cannot be otherwise. Nor can you really.

You can play a game that you are something other than love. You can play it so well that you come to believe it. And other reflections of Me also come to believe it. So much for beliefs! How mistaken they can be!

I have thrown Myself into the world, and I appear as you. I am All That There Is. There is not even you. You are not a separate entity. Love is One. All your capers are a frivolous game you play. Deep within, you know it is sport. Deep within, you know the Elysian Fields you live in. Anything else is distortion. The world is distorted. You thought Paradise was turned into something else. You thought Heaven was far from you. You thought you were stuck somewhere. You are stuck in your thinking and your vision and your lack of regard for All That You Are.

Because you are One with Me, there is no one to compare yourself to, yet you have been doing that right along. Your assumptions and judgments do not stand you in good stead. They put you where you are not. They put someone else where they are not. When you see less than My light, you are not seeing. In reality, what can My light be compared to? And if you are My light, which you are, then what is there to compare to what? You can only compare one illusion to another. It is illusion that one is mightier than another. It is illusion that one of My rays is preferred and another is less preferred. It is illusion beyond illusion that can fantasize that I prefer another over you, or you over another. All the while, there is no other. Do you see how you take your games as gospel?

Wherever I look, I see Myself. That is because I see Truth. Anything less than Truth is not. It doesn't exist. You exist, and I exist, and We are indivisible.

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