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A Signal of God


A Signal of God

Heavenletter #837 Published on: February 2, 2003
God said:

When you feel discouraged, you are forgetting something. You are most likely forgetting Me. But you have no difficulty in remembering lesser things.

You don't forget worldly matters. They are discouraging enough all right. Getting caught up in world thought discourages you like nothing else can. After all, you have not the means to buy everything that is flung at you to buy. You are not and may never be the advertised pinnacle of success. You are not and may well never be the model who flashes across the TV screen. But even the models, even the pinnacles of success, even the moneyed ones who have the means to buy everything buyable on the planet are not satisfied, and they get discouraged — why not you?

You often fall short of what is held up to you. You often are not heard. You are not consulted. You do not make decisions at peace talks. You may not make decisions in your own home.

Limitless-seeming are the things that can make you feel down, and they occupy a great deal of your attention. Unwittingly, you keep going back to the hot stove. No matter how many times your heart is foiled, you keep going back to the inducements of the world. Naively, you believe you will find your happiness there. No matter how many times you don't, you keep going back. Like a gambler to the dicing tables, you try one more time, over again and again. It is hard for you to accept that external matters by themselves just can't do it for you.

The bluebird of happiness is right in your back yard. It dwells in your heart. The outside, despite all its bounty, just cannot nourish your heart enough. No where near enough. Not consistently enough. Not often enough. Not lastingly enough. Sometimes not at all. Sometimes it takes away from you.

Must you put so much of your time and attention on matters of the world? I do not say to ignore the world. But if you made a pie-chart of where your attention goes, what kind of piece do you mark for your heart's renewal? By all means, do take care of your body. Do take care of your physical sustenance. Go to work. Mow the yard. Fix things around the house. Set your hair. Polish your nails. Write emails. Read magazines. Laugh. Eat out. Also allot a little time to awareness of Me, however you like to think of Me. Do not brush Me off.

Have awareness of Me in your heart. Intersperse Me throughout your day. You will have more energy. You will feel more heartened. This does not have to be prayer. Just say hello to Me now and then. Pretend you play tag with Me, and catch Me every once in a while. Take a moment to bless yourself with awareness of Me. Feel My presence. Sense how close to you I am. Nudge yourself closer. This is not your duty. This is your reward.

Bless yourself to My care. Bless the world and your daily events to Me. Bless all whom you meet today with your recollection of Me. You manage to find a way to carry your cell phone with you constantly. Can you not carry Me? Take a call from Me every now and then. Listen to My voice. Listen to My love. Wherever you are, you can hear Me. Whatever you are in the midst of, take a moment for Me. Take a moment for the love in your heart.

Designate something to remind you of Me. Perhaps a rose. Every time you see one or think of a rose, accept My smile. Maybe every new sound that you hear, everything you see is a signal of Me. Maybe everything is a signal of God when you remember Me.

Entry #231


topazz28Comment by topazz28 - December 17, 2011, 1:02 am
I love this one! I use nature as a signal daily....... rain,sunshine, birds, squirrels,the wind,the sound of the creek behind my house, all these things remind me of God and how great he is. Even when I look outside and don't see or hear any of natures sounds I still know that He is there in the quietness of the moment!

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