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In Praise of God


In Praise of God

Heavenletter #353 Published on: October 15, 2001
God said:

"Well, dear God, holy God, God of my Heart, I am Yours. I give myself to You Who gave myself to me. When I speak to You, all pettiness leaves my heart. I cannot remember what was on my mind. With You in my heart, my mind vanishes, and there is only You, and there is only I, and We are not twain but One. I am One with You, dear God. You fill my heart with Our Oneness. I am replete.

"I want to stay with You always. I want to carry You in my heart as You carry me in Yours. Why would I ever want to be any place else but with You? Why would I possibly want my own thoughts when I can have Yours?

"I see that love is a potion, and You pour it down from Heaven, and I catch it in my lips, and it fills my whole being, this love You pour so generously. I understand very well that there is nothing else You can do because You are only love, and therefore You are simply a Pourer of Love. I catch how Your love drops to Earth constantly but lightly, like wings alighting to suggest our longing for You. You do not deluge us with love because we would be overcome. So Your love rains to earth like a gentle summer rain. We may hardly notice, so constant and pure is Your love.

"We have never been without it. The sky is always raining Your love. The sun shines it. Night sky does not stop it. Stars blink Your love. And we Humans on Earth are droplets of Your love. We spill over the Universe, and we may forget that we are in the mainstream of You.

"But forgetting is only forgetting. Nothing is changed because we forget. You are steady. You calm the beat of our hearts. You dispel fear. You fill us with Wonder and Oneness.

"You are my own true God. You have inserted Yourself into my heart. No, You have not inserted. You belong there within my heart, but now You assert Yourself. You knock on my heart walls, and You say, 'I am here! I am here.'

"I hear You faintly. Sometimes I do not know from where the knocking comes. I look everywhere but in my own heart.

"I know You are everywhere. At least I have heard that that is so, but I do not know it yet for myself. So far it is only hearsay, my dear God. But I long for it to be true, and I long to behold You everywhere in everyone and everything.

"Perhaps when I know You better in my heart, I will be able to see You better in other places.

"I will pursue You, dear God. I will follow You from my heart to the great outdoors. I will follow You everywhere.

"I long to see only You. I want to keep this feeling You give me. I think this feeling is feeling as You feel. Does a God feel? You feel only love. That is all You feel, and that is all You know, and You want me to feel that same love coming into me and going out until there is no difference between inner and outer.

"You are a revelation. You reveal Yourself to me in all Your majesty, and You offer me Your totality, and I don't know what to say.

"You, God, say: 'Say nothing. Accept. Accept with your heart. That is enough. That is the only acceptance there is. My heart spills into yours, and it is called love. It is called Oneness. It is My call to you. Come join with Me. Be part and parcel of Me. You are that. You can only be that. You can't be anything else, but you can deny that, the truth of yourself. How well have you denied it! Deny no longer, and you will have accepted. You will have accepted My heart as yours. You will have accepted Truth which has always been yours to accept. I have never withheld from you.'"

Entry #233


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