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The Winds of the World


The Winds of the World

Heavenletter #3496 Published on: June 21, 2010
God said:

Whatever issue you have, you can face it. There is a deep issue within you that you have been running away from. You don't want to face it. Suddenly, you see it, staring you in the face. It may have been haunting you all your life. And now you see it. Now it is as if you see yourself under an X-ray. There is no avoiding it now.

Perhaps your issue is abandonment. That sounds clinical, yet it may be your underlying issue. It may be what you have been running away from, that you have an issue that is at the crux of your dealing in life. It may be at the crux of all your sadness and all the vague uneasiness you feel.

A workman may say he is coming to do some necessary work, and then he doesn't come at all. You don't know why that hits you so hard. He got your hopes up. He was going to do a great job, and now you don't know whether or not he is coming ever, and you are crushed. Or he comes and does not live up to his promise in other ways, and you are so disappointed. The workman became a bigger issue to you than himself. He perhaps symbolized all the disappointments in your life.

At some point in your life, when you were a child, you felt you were out there as a stray, and strays long to be picked up and reassured. You perhaps did not have the reassurance. The sense of bereftness has lingered. Without realizing it, you may have carried this seemingly-forgotten anguish around with you.

The world has not always been a safe place for your beautiful heart. You made too much of the world. You let the world decide your well-being. The world may not have come to the fore to take good care of your needs. And you thought you were dependent upon the world.

Whatever the deep abiding issue within you may be called, it arises from your dependency on the world. Under the underlying issue lies another issue. But I think the crux of your issue, whatever its name, lies in a perceived utter subjection to the world.

The world is temperamental, beloveds. You do not always feel honored, respected, or taken care of by the world. It may not have taken good care of you, and now, perhaps, you blame your sense of desolation on a mere workman. You hadn't realized how fragile you felt, and yet what you feel is not always what is.

If you were dependent upon how the world treats you, you would indeed be in trouble. Once you were little, and you were helpless. Now you are big, and you are not helpless. Yet you may still see yourself as helpless, just a little cog in a big wheel. You may even feel like the dartboard of the world. This is illusion.

You are not at the mercy of the world. That is only a thought, and, like the world, your thoughts are not always reliable.

To recognize the fallacy of this thought is part of your education in life. It is time for you to graduate from this fallacy. It is never too late. The time is now.

This reliance on the world is an old thought whose time is done. Now you break through the ribbon of this thought, and you come out a winner of the race. Your old belief is not so powerful as it once was. It is dwindling, as well it must. You are moving out of the domain of this illusory out-dated thought and moving on to new thoughts that support you. Once you were on a swing of unreliability, and now you are firmly on your own two feet, and you know you are with Me, and you know you are solidly in a reality of certainty. The world is not, once and for all, the decider of you, and now you no longer hold on to the thought that you require a savior. You are already safe with Me. I will never abandon you. And now you will never abandon yourself again to the winds of the world.

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