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God First


God First

Heavenletter #49 Published on: December 24, 2000
God said:

God first. What does that mean? That means that is the truth. All comes from Me. The power and the glory are Mine. I care naught about power and glory. I care about Truth. And I care about you. That is what is hard for you to believe, that I care, and that you are worthy.

All healing comes from Me. All wealth. All talent. All beauty. All intelligence. All children. All Truth. All from your One Father. That is Truth.

All your successes are Mine. Whose did you think they were?

So then you ask, "What about my failures? What about my pain? Are they also from You then?"

I have a child, and he sets out on a journey. I have given him a knapsack filled with everything he needs to make his journey. Along the way, he forgets about his knapsack. He has his own ideas. He traipses here and there, and everything is not according to his will.

My Will is that he make his journey and that he return to Me.

He gets caught up in the how and the why and the length of the journey and the pitfalls along the way.

He has expectations, and when they are not met, he is distraught. His being distraught is his pitfall. That was not included in his knapsack.

After a while, he remembers his knapsack, and he snacks from it and is encouraged and strengthened.

He has been too busy reading signs along the way, interpreting them, intent upon obstacles and one-way signs, and all the trouble he has gone to.

As he snacks from the knapsack I gave him, his vision becomes clearer and so his way is clearer.

He sees that the bumpy road leads him to his destination as well as does the smooth one.

As he continues his journey, he begins to see that there are no bumpy roads. What he thought were bumps were piles of treasure that had been left for him along the way. He had to look to the depths of them. Instead, he kicked at them, and he hurt his feet. But he did not have to kick at them. He did not have to hurt his feet.

When My son, the journeyer, gains his sight, the way is cleared for him. The terrain may be the same, but he is not the same. He becomes My journeyer, and he sees further.

There comes the time when he recognizes that his journey has been a dream. The whole trip was naught but a dream. He created his own reality, and he forgot about Mine.

He depended upon his sight and the world's, and so he depended upon little.

He saw the brambles. He saw the sharp stones. He saw the sameness.

But when he chooses to look up, he sees the sun by day and the moon and the stars by night, and he sees horizons, and he opens his knapsack completely, and he sees Me. There I am. With him all along in his unopened or partially opened knapsack.

Admit for one moment that perhaps your interpretations of the life that befalls you — the life that you imagined befell you — could be mistaken. Wipe your eyes. Rub out the illusion. The sirens and ambulances and police cars and courts and lawyers and cases and illness were your pictures running around. See beyond your initial pictures. Take them out of their frames.

See Me more. See Me a little.

Feel Me more. Feel even a little of My love for you, for even a little glimpse of My love will sustain you. That is what you make your journey for, to catch a glimpse of Me, to catch yet another glimpse of Me, to see before you the great light of love from My eyes. Look within, and a huge mirror will open up in which you will see Me looking out from your eyes, and you will see Me looking into yours, for Our eyes do meet, and you will see Me, and you will know the joy that you had overlooked while your eyes looked at your feet and where you thought they had been.

Keep on walking. Know that My light is before you. Know that your way is lit, and that I am lighting it for you.

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