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Take the High Road


Take the High Road

Heavenletter #768 Published on: November 28, 2002
God said:

Too often perhaps you think in terms of cost rather than benefit. And, so, you think in terms of fear rather than good fortune. And, so, you hold yourself back.

When you have an idea, what have you done with it? How many ideas have you dismissed?

When you have an impulse, you need not feel impelled, but you can give it a try You can try something that you haven't before. What do you imagine keeps you where you are? Where you are is good, but it seems to Me that you want to get moving. In order to move, you have to make a start. Move up. Moving up in life is like leaping up a flight of stairs. You want to climb, and so you do. You do not wait for the top of the stairs to descend to you. You rise.

Regardless, you are on an escalator, and you are moving up. When you lean into your own momentum, however, your ascent is more dynamic and it may surprise you. Your life opens up like a flower. The long-awaited appears now.

Of course, you can wait for the elevator. Often that is what you have been doing. Waiting for an opportune moment when, all the while, the elevator has been waiting for you.

Have you not considered some desires in terms of danger and risk and safety? And so you've turned away. Do not be so easily put off.

At least, when you have tried out a desire, and your incentive has left you along the way, well, then, that's all right, for you tried it, and you know you did. You did not have to have the outcome you desired. You didn't have to run the whole course. What you had to have was the using of a moment before it expired, for you can't enter a race after it has been run.

I am saying to have a little more respect for your impulses. Give them a chance. See where they take you or where they do not. Try out life a little more. Venture out. The circle you have drawn around yourself may not be the safety you thought. You may be in the wilderness now, and the safety may well lie outside the lines you have drawn. The familiar is familiar, but that is all you can say about it.

Boundaries are waiting for you to break through them. How long do they and you wait? Do you wait, or do you enter the game?

You are brave enough. You have, however, been looking at a horizon which you thought was fraught with danger. Truly, there is not a gauntlet for you to run through in order to reach what life holds out for you. Maybe all you have to do is reach out. Perhaps you have been so busy counting possible obstacles that you have forgotten what lies just beyond them. Who would not hesitate if they saw all the obstacles you do? You do not have to keep looking for obstacles. That is not so wise as you have thought. It is too easy to think of obstacles, when you can just as easily think beyond them.

Sometimes you are not certain as to what to hold onto and what to let go of. Begin with letting go of those fears that keep you captive. Accept freedom. What a difference, just the idea of freedom! Imagine when you have freedom itself. Be not enthralled with danger. Be enthralled with possibilities. Then you are free from the past and its fears that have held you back from the horizon before you.

Some thinking closes down your expression. Some thinking opens it up. Be on the lookout for thinking that expands rather than encloses. All the why-not-to-do's close you down. Let not your own thoughts or those of others cut you off from more and wider and more and vaster. Make the word more a refrain.

Rare is the advisor who tells you to break out of confines. But I am that One.

I do not tell you to risk all. I tell you that you risk nothing.

Be not crisp and letter-perfect.

Be the best you. The best you is who you already happen to be. Who you are. Take the high road. Dare to depart. Take a new road. Go by your own path.

I tell you now, just between Us, yours is the open road.

Entry #240


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