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Welcome Joy


Welcome Joy

Heavenletter #990 Published on: July 8, 2003
God said:

Remove what weighs heavily on you from the scale. Have you not weighed it over and over again? Invest as heavily in joy. Alas, joy you put aside, and difficulties you keep before you.

Size up your joy instead.

Joy is as plentiful as woe, only you have concentrated on woe.

So much depends on how you look at what occurs. Just as dreams are open to interpretation, so is your life.

Shadows can be removed. In any case, soon or late, they pass from view. Meanwhile, you do not need to focus on them quite so sharply. Some things can be set aside. They do not need to dominate your thoughts.

Dwelling on matters is not the same as taking care of them.

The watched pot never boils is not true. The watched pot of your life continues to boil.

Let your life alone a little bit. It will take care of itself. Take care of what you can and be done with it. In any case, it will disappear. What is momentous today inevitably recedes.

Be not so anxious about your life. Your life is like a hum. You hum. It isn't your main focus.

I am not saying Let the chips fall where they may. I am saying, when the chips have fallen, pick them up as best as you are able, but the picking up does not have to consume your joy.

Don't forget joy. Even among spills, you can enjoy.

Yet you have thought it is easier to experience sorrow than it is joy. And you have thought sorrow more likely.

Feeling crestfallen is not your natural state. No need to press sorrow so close to your breast. You may think that sorrow is profound, but a plunge into sorrow is not the depths. Joy goes deeper. Joy penetrates sorrow the way the sun melts an ice jamb and the broken ice floats away.

Is sorrow so precious that you must keep it? That you must dust it off and renew it frequently? Yes, there is cause for sorrow in the Human realm but sorrow does not have to supercede joy.

What you spend your heart on must be what you prefer. If you hold on to sorrow, it must be that you choose to. You perhaps have felt you have no choice. Free will means that you have choice. Choose now.

Truly, who in their right mind would choose sorrow quicker than joy. Sorrow seems automatic, and joy something you have to turn on. Well, then, turn it on. Turn joy on full-blast. Nudge sorrow away and make room for joy.

When you wake up in the morning, instead of wondering what kind of a day you will have, wonder what form your joy-filled life will take. Joy will overtake you today. Your name is right at the top of joy's list today. Feel it now ahead of time. Dunk yourself in the joy that is yours today. It has been waiting for you. Today, admit it into your presence. Welcome joy today.

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