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A World of Unimagined Beauty


A World of Unimagined Beauty

Heavenletter #852 Published on: February 18, 2003
God said:

The opposite of flexibility is rigidity. Attachment is rigidity. Flexibility is flow. You like to put your ducks in a row, but, My children, there is no such thing. Ducks waddle off. You do not control life. You invite, you welcome, you go along with life as a willing partner. You follow its dance steps the best you can.

Dancers trip the light fantastic, and you and your life are like that. Is not life fantastic? Who could dream it up? Who composed the music, and who plays it, and what is the stage? And is there more to life than overture? And where do you fit in?

Life is not quite choreographed like a dance number. Life has a life of its own. You can engage it but not wield it. Sometimes you dance ahead in life. Sometimes life dances ahead of you. Life is sure to surprise you, so why are you surprised?

Time and time again, you want life to be predictable. You want to say how, when, and where. You want all the answers before you even know the questions. You want to answer your own questions when you do have them.

You are sure you know how your life is meant to be, but that is not always what is given to you.

Relax your hold on life a little bit. Let go of the reins. It is only a charade that you hold them anyway. And yet you are, nevertheless, connected to the reins and you are the holder of them.

You cannot conceive of how all the reins are connected. If you could, you would change life. It is so easy to be a critic. It is so easy you even criticize God. You would revamp the universe were it up to you. And yet your hand would tremble radically if it were up to you. You would abolish death of the body — or would you? Would you really like to cart yours around forever? You would like to know everything beforehand and have no discoveries to make — or would you?

When you finally made your decisions, you would have your critics. You might even criticize yourself. And that brings us full circle.

Life is circular, and it revolves, and you evolve. Sometimes you think you aren't evolving, and that the world isn't either, and that goes to show how much you know. For the world is turning, and it is turning over a new leaf, and you are part of the universe's turning. In fact, you are the turner of it.

You are so in the midst that often you don't notice. You keep thinking you are where you used to be, where you thought you used to be. But you are already done on one side, and now it's time to turn over and reveal the other side. And that's what We are doing together. This is Our project.

You do not know the steps. You do not need to know them. You don't know the how. You don't need to know how. Listen. All you need to know is the direction you're moving in. What is it that you desire for the world? Then desire it.

Projected on to earth, you are here to fulfill My dreams. I dreamed of you, and you appeared. And what you dream of will also appear. It is necessary to dream of it. Once you conceive of it, it is conceived. You have hesitated to dream of a world steeped in incredible love because you did not want to appear different or foolish or be disappointed. And, so, others have waited for you the same, and all have been disappointed in the lovely world I created. You have been disappointed precisely because you have not appointed yourself.

Now dream of a world of unimagined beauty and peace and goodwill that you have never dared dream of before. Your dreams are not idle.

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