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The Most You Can Do in Life


The Most You Can Do in Life

Heavenletter #794 Published on: December 22, 2002
God said:

When you make a list of the people you wish to give a gift to this Christmas, put as the title Giving Love This Year. Before you find a present to buy, in your mind and heart, send love to that person. Then buy it, wrap it and give it. Love is the gift. It is good to remember what you are giving more than what you buy.

What you give is from Me. When you have in mind that I chose you to give a gift, your preparations will take on a different dimension. You will not feel so much that you have a task to perform. You will begin to feel that you have gifts to give. Your heart will be lighter and engage more, as hearts are meant to do.

Even when you are giving a gift out of a sense of obligation rather than love, you will discover that when you acknowledge that all the gifts in the universe are from Me, you discover joy. It is easier to shop on My behalf. I am the Source of all gifts. You are an intermediary. You serve on My behalf. That is the simple truth. The original Santa Claus knew . And now you know.

The most you can do in life is pass love along. That is all you can do. Anything else is wrappings. All love originated from Me, and I have never stopped. Therefore, love is ongoing.

The love to know is in your own heart.

If you observe the birth of Christ at this season, you are observing the plentifulness of love. The love that was already in the hearts of men, Christ stirred. He reminded you of love, simply love. Any love you further along reminds you of the meaning of life.

Love is not theory, pretense, or polite. It is not something reserved for special occasions. The meaning of life is love. Without it, there is no meaning. Fortunately, life has great meaning, for there is great love, and you have it. It is yours to give. Anything less than love is simply not so.

Christ gave meaning to life. He renewed the meaning. He did not invent it. He was a visitor on earth, as you are. He used the love in his heart. He declared it. He was not frivolous with love. He didn't pass it out like coupons. He emanated it. He revealed it. He revealed it to all who could see. You can see. You have seen.

Love is not once in a while. It is not often. It is always. And you are an instrument of My love. Christ was no more an instrument of My love than you. But, oh, how he played it.

For what reason would I possibly put you on earth but for the same?

You are not on earth for yourself. You are on earth for Me. Therefore, you are on earth to love.

Entry #262


emilygComment by emilyg - December 31, 2011, 11:37 pm
topazz28Comment by topazz28 - January 1, 2012, 4:20 am
Hi Em, Love ya!

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