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All Borders Are Imaginary


All Borders Are Imaginary

Heavenletter #379 Published on: November 8, 2001

You are learning to step out of your bounded self. You are stepping into bigger shoes. This is your coming out. You believed all your thoughts about yourself, and now you are moving in a wider swath. You can take bigger steps. You are stepping out of your small conception of yourself.

Now you are becoming magnanimous. That is what bigger means. No longer are there self-imposed borders around you. You are rubbing off the lines you thought were there.

All borders are imaginary. Limits are not true. There is no limit that applies to you. Limitless is true.

It is not of physical that I speak, and yet even of that, if you knew the possibility of change, you would have that too. But the physical is the least of you. You are far taller than your height.

If you think your arm can reach only so far, it can reach only so far.

If you think you can reach farther, you are exercising a faculty that is already yours.

My children were never meant to be stingy in any area of their lives.

Stinginess says there is only so much to go around so it's wise to withhold. Stinginess comes from untruth. Magnanimity says there is more than enough of everything. There is more of everything than is in sight. What is in sight has already become yours. In that way, it is in the past. Once you have touched it, you have made it yours, and now you move on to greener pastures.

This has nothing to do with sacrifice. It is not sacrifice to equal your stature. You are not giving up anything to be magnanimous. You are rising to your own truth.

You have been living in lies. Any thought of "have not" is a lie. It is a lie perpetuated upon you. From greatness you came, and greatness you are. You are not a speck of love. You are love. You are not a mite of love. You are love. Love has no borders, no limitations, nothing reserved because there is no reason to reserve.

You are a bounteous being of light. Light does not measure itself. Light only shines. If you lead a restricted life, you have been restricting the brightness of your light.

Break all those boundaries of thought you have tied yourself to.

You are not here on earth to hoard yourself. You are not here to hide yourself. You are here to reveal yourself. You are here to reveal Me. Made of My worth, you reveal Me. Made in My image, you go forth and share Me. You share My being.

You have lived in a world where most everyone has been bent over, and you grew to believe that being bent over was the way to stand.

Practice standing straight. Practice being who you are and not what everyone else thinks you are or you have thought you were.

You are a huge being of light. Your light encompasses the universe. You are acting on My behalf. I sent you as My messenger of light.

You are what heroes are made of. Be a hero to yourself. Release yourself from captivity. Break those chains. They were never there but in your thought.

You are a free being. You are free to choose to honor your greatness and perform from greatness on earth. You are Heaven's chosen. Do not secret yourself. Expand upon the great horizons of life. Be like no other. Be as I have given you to be. Reveal.

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