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The Name of the River


The Name of the River

Heavenletter #911 Published on: April 19, 2003
God said:

Beloveds, I call you to Me. You may feel My call as a restlessness, for you may not know from where your urgings come. It is I calling you, which is the same as to say: I am yourself calling to Me. How interchangeable We are! What a combination of Unity We are! When did We ever seem to grow apart?

How much of life comes down to mathematics! You have not yet mastered the concept of One. You are busy counting and forget what counts and Who the Counter and Counted are. Soon you will stop counting and you will fathom what Oneness is. You will become immersed in it and not care what it is called. Does it matter overmuch the common name of the river you swim in when you are swimming in it?

It is like the bottled water you drink. The water comes in bottles of varied styles with varied names. But when you are thirsty and you drink the water, how much does it matter to you the name written on the bottle? Water is water, and water quenches your thirst.

And you are One with Me and all of eternity and everyone and everything in it.

This is a hard concept for you to absorb but it is where you live. You just don't know that's where you live. You think that you live in a world peopled with others distant from you. You think earth is other than you. You think just about everything is other than you. You think there is you and there is everything else outside you. You think you have a few possessions that belong to you. You call them your own. You call your family your own. You do not yet know that you own nothing, and yet the whole universe is yours.

There is no outside you, so there is nothing out there to own. You are consciousness in a body, and you have identified with the body rather than with the consciousness which dwells there. Much credence is given to the importance of the body and little to the consciousness that leaps across the universe. You are well-versed in physical matters and less conscious of the Consciousness which is yours and Mine.

It is like you think a watch is a dial with a strap that encloses your wrist, as if the clicking of the timepiece comes from the hands that move around on the face of it, as if there is not an inner mechanism independent of what you see. You forget that there is a master-mover of the dial, hidden beneath, unseen but vital and operative in what you do see. You just aren't paying attention to the inner workings of the watch. You get caught in the ticking of the watch and the time it flashes. You are cognizant of nonexistent time and forgetful of what does exist.

So what is it that exists? Oneness exists. Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication do not exist. They are mere exercises. They fool around with Oneness when all the while there is not but Oneness in the whole creation. The whole creation is Oneness. Oneness is your name.

And what is Oneness but love? Love cannot be separated from Oneness, even though you have fooled yourself that love is diverse and is as if separated from itself. Love comes from inside you. You are naught but love. You are love itself. Oneness and love are you.

The name of the river you swim in is the Oneness of Love. And you are the river and all it contains. You are the river.

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