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Jesus Was Born, Christ Was Risen



Jesus Was Born, Christ Was Risen

Heavenletter #427 Published on: December 23, 2001

You were born for the same reason Jesus was born. You were born to raise your sights. You were born to become what you in truth are. You were not born for yourself. You were born for the world. From Heaven, you landed on earth, but you brought Heaven with you. From whence you came, you are. That is the Truth Jesus found. He found himself the Son of God, and that is the same Truth which you are finding.

There is One Truth, not many. There is not Truth for one and another Truth for another. If Truth were sectioned off in parts, it would not be Truth. Truth cannot be broken. Truth is or it is not. The Truth is you are My son or My daughter. I know it. I acknowledge it. Christ acknowledged it. You modestly lower your eyes and deny the Truth of what I say. You cannot believe it. It is hard for you to believe, at least so long as the spirit of you dwells in a body.

But surely you believe you are not flesh alone? Surely you know that you are more than physicality upon earth? Accept that the physical is not the Truth of you. The physical is an illusion around you. But you have believed in many illusions more than you have believed in the One Truth of you.

You are beyond the physical. Beyond the physical is the Pure Beingness of you. Christ did not make so much of the physical. He did not worship it. I will not even say that Christ worshipped Me. He knew Me, that is all. I made Myself known to him, as I make Myself known to you, but Jesus dared to look at My light. He dared to know it was for him, and therefore he knew it was for him to shine. It was My light in him that he revealed. He knew Whose Light shone in him.

I do not ask more of you than I asked of Jesus. I ask the same of you. I do not ask you to become Jesus Christ. I ask you to become you. That is all I ask. I ask you to reveal your magnificence because I want to be revealed. But first you must reveal Me to you. Take away the bounds in which you have kept Me. Let Me free upon earth. Take Me with you and free Me so I may be seen by those whose eyes are hungry for Me. Let others see through you. Take off the mask of your ego. Let yourself be seen. Do not hide yourself, and you will not hide Me.

What you think you are and what I say you are are two different things. Whom will you believe? In what will you believe? What will you see, and what will you give? What are you giving? You give that which you see. Now see more.

I do not ask you to reverence Christ more than you reverence yourself. I ask you to reverence yourself more. I am within you. Christ is within you. Have more regard for Christ and Me within you. We can only exist within you. We exist outside no one. We exist everywhere, but there is no outside you.

Christ is not someone else. He is not more than you. It is just that you have made yourself less. Now it is time for you to rise. I have knighted you. And now you rise.

Entry #267


MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - January 2, 2012, 9:31 am
Comment by scorpio - January 2, 2012, 12:57 pm
wow,i think this was written by a native american?

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