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The Essence of Eternity


The Essence of Eternity

Heavenletter #910 Published on: April 18, 2003
God said:

Call it what you will, eternity is this moment. When you feel My presence, then you know you are in eternity and that this ever-present eternity is Who you are. It is you. Eternity is a deep subject for you, but when you are in the present, you rise to the top of the pool where everything is visible. Your eye encompasses everything, and yet, there is nothing to see. What else is there but this Consciousness that We share? But We are One, not two, so how is it possible We share?

You are far from alone, yet you are all that there is. In the fullness of Oneness, loneliness is unknown. Only Oneness knows Itself. That is how you are the Viewer and the Viewed.

Within you lies the universe. It bubbles up from your throat. You are the bubbler of the universe. It is your own hand you see before you, yet the hand you see is transparent, so what have you seen?

Truth is revealed in the eternalness of your heart. There is no difference between within and without. There is neither. There is simply existence entranced with itself. The same way you braid hair, life turns itself this way and that, and the temporary construction called braid is only a twist of hair. Braid does not exist on its own. It is not separate. It is not anything at all but a momentary twist of hair. But hair is hair, and it always returns to itself. Hair is braid only for a little while, but it is always hair.

You are here to find out Who you are. Little by little, by drips and drabs, you begin to assimilate the magnificence of being that you are. You are nothing else. All the things you thought you were, all the adjectives, all the nouns that you have applied and believed in, they are nonexistent. They have nothing to do with you, the Truth of you. They all, all are false beliefs. You are none of those. They are just names given to you, like nicknames, but nicknames are affixed to you. They are not internal to you, nor are they eternal. They are nothing at all.

You rifle through drawers of your life to find out Who you are. You know you are here some place. You open and close drawers, looking for yourself, or for even a clue. And you keep getting warmer, and yet you have not yet quite found yourself.

You may give lip service to Who you are, but lip service is no service at all.

You notice that you empty your heart and you fill it again. Your heart is reduced and then it is enlivened. The time will come when you are not concerned with emptiness or fullness of your own heart because you will have left the importance of individuality aside.

When you were a child, you spake as a child. And now that you are finding new dimensions of yourself, and filling them with love, you are heralded into a newer and greater realm of significance and magnificence.

In a way you are glad that there is always more, but in a way, you wish you could have completeness right now and there not be any more. You want all, and you want it right now. Yet I am saying that you are complete, right in eternity, you are complete, and yet there is still more of you to come.

Deeper and deeper you dive into the center of the universe and pull out more magnificence. As you rise up to the glistening surface, you are light splashing light, and more light, until everything and everyone is immersed in light, and only light is known.

Entry #268


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