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lotto purchases today


this ladies plays some fine jazz piano. this is just amazing. well what is amazing is i am starting a new losing streak. nothing new but be positive. i can't remember the joke but all i can remember is the punchline to this joke. some big chicken has been beat up, shot up, stomped on by the other animals on the farm. the farmer finds him on his back with a smile looking like who did it and what for. the farmer finds him laying there and he has this big smile on his face. he says to the chicken you look real bad but what are you smiling about. the chicken holds his hand up and says things are looking up from here. well that is the attitude i am taking with my lotto playing. it is looking up.

anyway onto business. my two oregon megabucks tickets were loosers. i had a washington lotto ticket that was a looser and i promptly purchased another one that will last another month. i am down to just the palottery powerball ticket. i have no plans to go to oregon.

my canadian ticket (guessing) bc 6/49 is expiring yesterday. i am too lazy to go dig it out of my pants. i do have some plans to go to canada this month coming up. no hotel plans yet but i will start working on them shortly. looking forward to going back to surrey and getting my ticket and then going to the east indian restaurant for a meal. man they make some really nice lamb dishes. still it looks like this ticket is a bust too. if it is really dead i will come back and let you know.

well it is time for me to go. i have not heard from mr mega in a long long time. my power is much nicer to me over the years. well mr mega come on and do your magic. give me a three digit win the next time i cash in a ticket. mr power thank you for all the wins you have given me over the years. still let us not forget that i want you to take me away from the work world.

reality check. the work i do in computers is finally picking up in washington. so i won't be out of work for a long time after this contract.

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