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The Picture-Show


The Picture-Show

Heavenletter #484 Published on: February 18, 2002
God said:

What can be the matter in a universe I created? Who can explain it? What can the matter be in a creation so magnificent, so rife, so vast?

It only appears that the creation is diverse. Attention on the flow of light is diverted. It is forsaken. All eyes are on the screen, and the projection becomes paramount and the light overlooked.

Between the camera and the screen there can be interference. The moving camera takes one picture, and from one moment to another it looks like it has become another. The interim is viewed. The evidence of the light is viewed, and the light overlooked.

And yet, the picture is all play with light. The movie would not exist without light. And even the altered alternate version, as revealed on the screen, is made of light. Black and white, Technicolor, no matter, the camera takes a picture, and the picture is noticed more than the light from which it flows.

There is a flow of attention to the screen. There is projection. And you enter the screen. You are up on the screen. And you walk around in the moving picture. And sometimes you forget what you are doing up on the screen. And you forget that you are more than the figure that walks across the screen.

The value of forgetting is that you can remember. The forgetting awakens you to something missing from your projection. Forgetting leads your eyes to look further. You wonder what you are doing there, and then you start to look further. From wander comes wonder, and soon enough you look up at the bright light, and an "Ahhh" of joy comes from your throat because you begin to see.

There is more to life than the projection of it.

You see matter on the screen, and something is amiss because you are more than matter. If you were matter alone, you would not feel something lacking. You would be satisfied. But you are more than matter, so you feel incomplete merely outlined on the screen.

You can still be in the picture and know the more that you are. You can be in the picture and reveal more of the more that you are. The figure on the screen can think and feel and move and embody the light from which it comes. As a matter of fact, those in the movie can light the screen.

Each person on the screen takes his own picture of it. There is no consensus really, yet the reviews are considered holy, and deference is given to them. The reviews are what you call the state of the world. The world in review.

The preview is closer to the real view. What you think can be can be. The movie does not have to be stuck. If it is one way, it can be another.

You have hope for one reason, and that is to fulfill it. Hope is little. Faith is greater. But hope lets you know that something is empty, and when you know something is empty, you can start to fill it. You can start to look around. When your pocket is full, you don't look for something to put in it.

The screen is life. The pocket is life. You are life itself. And you are the filler of it. You are the fulfiller of it. You fulfill life by knowing you live it. It is not a race to see who can get through it the fastest or with the least experience of it. There is an infinite reel of life. It is ongoing. You might as well enjoy it. Don't rewind. Don't press forward. Press play. And remember the Producer Who makes it all possible, and then you remember what you are doing up there on the screen of life.

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