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God's Endowment


God's Endowment

Heavenletter #272 Published on: July 28, 2001

You have made anchors in your life. Certain people and traditions and organizations are your anchors. Yes, they anchor you to earth. But you do not need anchors.

If you will, you can think of Me as an anchor, but that is a contradiction because anchors don't lift you to Heaven. Better to think of Me as a Lifter of Anchors.

Remember, it is not your love for another that is an anchor. Love is a freer. Attachment is an anchor. It is an anchor you make up. An anchor is something or someone you grab, push into the earth, and say it holds you there!

Instead, make yourself the anchor, and anchor yourself in My heart.

You look for stability.

Stability is not found on Earth. Earth is rocky. The physical is not stable, yet you look for your stability there. You think the physical is creditable, and that the essence of life may not be.

No wonder your world is topsy-turvy — your thinking is!

You do not want your world to shift under you, but what does the Earth world do but shift? That is its function. You only imagine that it holds you up.

We could say, nearer to the truth, that a kind of magnetism holds you up. Independent of what goes on around you, you are held up. The Earth could fall, and you would not. The sky could fall, but not on you. You could be a reeling body flung to the outermost sky, and you would only rise to Me.

You fear to be alone, when aloneness is an impossibility. There is very little that I call impossible, but for you to be alone is impossible. It is not in the realm of possibility for you to be without Me. That you can be unaware of My presence — I am well aware of that.

All the things you depend on are like superstitions. They are made-up things that you like to believe in. Believing in them means that you think they give you good luck.

Here is the secret: everything gives you good luck. Everything that comes your way is neutral.

The things and events that you consider unfortunate assail you only in your mind. They have nothing to do with you except as you interpret. You have not been neutral to them. They don't pick on you. You pick on them.

Neutrality does not require anchors.

When you are neutral, you are not blown out of the sky. When you are neutral, you do not boomerang from incident to incident or person to person. When you are neutral, you know your connection to Me, and you are strengthened by your knowledge of Our connection. You are strengthened in any case, but when you do not know your strength, you are weakened.

You think you need anchors because you do not know how strong you are. You do not know how strong I am. You do not even have belief in strength. You have belief in dependency and attachment.

When there is flow, there is no need for something else.

Cloth is woven. The threads are woven. They connect. No seams are needed until something has been cut. To put two pieces back together requires seams.

But you, who are My cloth, cannot be cut, so then why would you require seams?

You think you are separated, cut off, weak. But those are only your thoughts, and now you will get over them, and you will know that We are not separate, that you are not cut off from your Creator, and you are not weak, not at all, but that you are strong. Accept your strength. Stop believing in weakness.

Weakness is an illusion you have bought. You do not need to buy strength — it is already yours. You don't really have to believe in your strength. Your strength is your strength. You only have to believe in it so that you will use it and not run away from it.

I have given you My strength. It is My endowment to you. Please accept.

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