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BE Happy... and Consistent to win. $$


                 MOSTof the time ......you have to be consistent and happy Thumbs Up   to win . $$$$

Ever wonder why your efforts aren’t producing the results you want?

Working from slips of paper, post it notes, and a shoe box full of 

old tickets.  LOL 

Can’t keep track of groups that are due to hit?  So far behind you have no clue how to

catch up?

Sounds like a plan would be helpful huh ! 

Playing for over 25 years, it’s

obvious to me that there are fundamental strategies .....and principles that

are timeless in their value..........they help me stay focused and are a critical

component to running a successful "game tracking strategy".

Without hesitation, being consistent in your work habits and following up

remain key factors. This is especially true in Pick 3. When

doing pick 3 tracking and betting ......I remind folks they can work their

hobby part time or full time ......but ................some time is not an option..

Being consistent means having an action plan and a commitment to gaals to achieve results that are measurable.  


Choosing consistency as a way to operate sets a pattern that combats

laziness, keeps you focused and strengthens your determination to track and win like a professional.

Certain behaviors have a direct impact on how you view yourself  and if it's ......

negatively or positively. All of us know people who don't do what they say 

they will do  .....and are always late and usually unfocused.  These

people do not do well in Pick 3.....and especially in their life.. Past experience has proven

repeatedly, you can’t count on unreliable feelings .....because inconsistent

behavior doesn’t foster confidence. On the other hand, we all have

people in our lives who demonstrate reliability ......and they only need to be asked

once to complete any task and they have built a reputation for positive

performance.......and positive actions .

It doesn't matter .......  what road they choose ...... “negative” or non- productive

Their Consistent behavior is always evident.


          How does one make consistency a hobit ??

Take a look at your results behavior and identify where a well thought out

plan or strategy is in your best interests. You might begin with daily to do lists, a

reliable day timer or even ......just a calander . Decide that every play ticket that  you

keep will be entered into your data base. Decide to say “Yes” and play only to a

game situation you are committed to .......in full !  Sometimes ......you may have to wait to play for a long time. 

 Plan your play schedule daily and promise

to accomplish what you set out to do. Be honest with yourself. Only you

know the demands in your life and only you know your money responsibilities.

If in reading this, I’ve hit a raw nerve, that’s exactly my intention. It is my

desire to get you to change your behavior, consider the consequences of

the bad betting and bad study habits you have acquired and do something to change


The key is consistency.

However, if you can pat yourself on the

back for consistent, positive and productive behavior, maybe this post is

simply good reinforcement. Once you get a handle on being consistent, it

will be easy to master follow up and follow through......... and it's good luck to do it that way too.    LOL

Entry #86


MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - January 4, 2012, 9:12 am
    That's the best explanation yet as to what to do when playing. Some people will say, that's a lot to do just to find a number, but what they don't realize, is that all of this becomes second hand and is easily deciphered once you know what has to be done in order to reap the benefits.
Good job...!
inittowinComment by inittowin - January 4, 2012, 9:29 am
@ WIN D - Very well written! Thanks.

@MADDOG10 - I totally agree. Some don't realize what it takes to win consistently.
MzDuffleBagladyComment by MzDuffleBaglady - January 4, 2012, 11:20 am
Thanx @ WIN D

I needed to read that today, because, my focus has been all over the place.

Good Luck.
TenajComment by Tenaj - January 4, 2012, 11:51 am
Excellent WinD!!! and Maddog10 is right. I usually have the right numbers but play wrong. I think this should be posted on the system or lottery discussion thread for everybody to read. Some people don't visit the blogs. Too much of a gem to get buried.
lottoburgComment by lottoburg - May 4, 2012, 12:30 am
Hi, Win D:

I find that you're very smart for predicting P3/P4 by reading your Posts in LP.

I have carefully learned many systems about P3/P4 such as Paruth's "LotSoftPro V.5.1.0", AAnewyork's "Straight system for P3/P4", , Jade's "Hot box 11", and Idesire$'s "Feathers system" ...etc.

But I still have not yet found a system to build my daily workout which can win consistently and happyly for playing P3/P4 until now.

I believe firmly that your system can help me to get the goal!

Could you want give me some advices about that?

Thanks for your sincere help!!!

(I have tried to PM you but your box is full now. You can send email to me at my profile if convenient.)

Best regards,


NikkicuteComment by Nikkicute - June 3, 2013, 5:43 pm
Excellent Post WinD :)
This is what I needed today!!
A little lotto pep talk to be consistent with studying
the numbers.
I'm so glad I found this blog, it was no accident
I was meant to read this.
sunsineComment by sunsine - February 4, 2016, 8:15 am
Excellent and very true, thank you for taking your time to post your knowledge and helping others. Much appreciation. Sunsine

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