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All Else Is Naught


All Else Is Naught

Heavenletter #751 Published on: November 11, 2002
God said:

Love by its very nature is generous. Love given stintingly is not love, for love has no measure. No teaspoons. No buckets. Nothing can contain it. Love knows no bounds, and it overflows all of them. Love fills the entire universe. Love knows only itself, and everything is itself. I know you. I know you better than anyone knows you. Others only guess. I know. I see you fundamentally. All the cover-up's vanish in My eyes. I see the truth of you. You rise in My Truth.

You spend much of life trying to fill in what you see as gaps within yourself. Let gaps be. You do not need to become everything — you already are everything. The gaps serve. They are a continuation of you. Just as there are spaces between houses, there are pauses within you. You are only supposed to be you, a conglomeration of love. All the nodes and valleys are you.

The world asks everything of you. The world wants you to excel in math and sciences and in language and literature. I want you to excel as a Human being, My child on earth, given to earth to reveal the tremendousness of life. There is a tide of life, and you are on it, and you are it. You are a force on earth. You are an inter-related species. Inter-galactic, inter-love species.

You are not only on a path of love. You are the path of love.

All of My children are street signs pointing to the stars of Heaven.

That is all you can do is point. You are the one who shows the way. You are a way-shower.

Why on earth would you point anyone in any other direction?

Does that scare you? Do you feel great responsibility and great inability? Your path is not responsibility. Your path is love.

In order to love, all you have to do is to take away those shreds and remnants of everything else and toss them out to sea. All those ragtails of resentment and hurts and all the unanswered questions, disband them. Who needs answers to questions when immersed in love?

Answers to questions are will o' the wisps because one question leads to another. But love answers itself.

Love is an orbit, and you are on it.

Love is your purpose and your destiny and your source.

You are it, all wrapped in one.

You are My divine purpose.

That is not responsibility, but blessing.

Is it not a blessing that you have legs to walk?

Is it not a blessing that you have a soul to yearn? What is yearning but leaning in a direction. The direction you lean in is Heaven. Heaven pulls you to it. It is inevitable that you will know Heaven. Whatever you have known up to this point, you are headed toward Heaven. You might as well concede. You have tried not conceding, haven't you?

Know your direction, and then it is easy to go there. There is nothing hard about it. It's just where you are going, and it is, in truth, just where you have been all along.

You believed in all the features along the way. You have let the past convey you when it is you who must convey yourself.

Love yourself means to know yourself, not the fallacies of yourself, not your failings, not your disappointments, but the beating heart of you. What but love keeps you alive? Anything else deters you.

Love is the fuel of life. There is no other. All else is naught.

Add to the world's unlimited share.

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