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The Love in Your Life Today


The Love in Your Life Today

Heavenletter #960 Published on: June 8, 2003 
God said:

Feel the love. You are surrounded by it. You might as well feel it. You might as well be aware. Don't deny the existence of love. Don't underscore the neglect of love in the world. Is the neglect of love really more noteworthy than its presence?

You are love, so be it.

Even when your heart is disturbed by this or that, even when the world is disturbed by this or that, love is. Even when love is not visible to the naked eye, it is there in all its glory.

Regard love more. There is plenty of evidence of it. In your life there is. In you there is.

It is hard for you to take My word for this because apparent absence of love is so obvious to you. It is even reported in the newspapers. All reports or sightings of non-love are taken out of context.

The context is love.

What if you noted obvious love today? What if you made an edition of the news in your mind. Consider that you are a reporter who notes the events that support news of love. I tell you it is rampant.

Illness is reported. There are facts and figures about it. Why not health? Why not fresh air? Why not emphasize the promising rather than the unpromising?

Pile up evidence of love. Underscore love today.

The same, look for beauty today. Look for it within you. Bring out your worthiness into the light of day. Put on your glasses that discern love.

Record the appearance of love and beauty today and give it headlines.

If it is too hard for you to muster love today, muster the noting of it. Each time you glimpse even the slightest example of love, say: "Ah, this is love. Here it is."

Say further: "From the moment of my awakening this morning, I have spotted love. It takes no neon lights. The sun came in my window this morning."

The sun said to you: "Wake up! Wake up!" The rolling of the sun across the horizon of life awakened you this morning. It nudged you on your shoulder.

You heard the birds this morning, or you heard a car rev up like a shooting star, or you heard the heart of a Human voice. No matter what it spoke, it also awakened you to the instant love of this day.

And your voice also speaks love today.

And all that you come across today is a signal of love. Find the signal.

It may be a signal of love that you are to issue from your heart. A need of love may have been spoken to you. You may have heard a cry for love and thought it was something else. Now you know. You are not the only one who wants more love right out there in plain sight.

Let love be your theme today.

You don't have to tell anyone about it. Love does not have to be talked about. It has to be noted and it has to be carried on and carried out and delivered.

You have been given unlimited love to note and to deliver. You are a messenger of love. Pick up all the love you are to drop off. There is so much love today you may not finish delivering all of it today. Most assuredly, you will not. There will be an overflow for tomorrow. Each day there will be more.

All you have to do is note the love in your life today.Love


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