Pc Speed and Boot Time.



People think that they have to have a new or an state of the art computer in order for it to be more or less fast, when all that they need is to tune it up some.


I use a WinXP home edition operating system and HP Compaq Presario with an Intel Celeron D CPU 3.20 Ghz 1.75 GB of RAM (Really 2 GBs)

My HP computer is an SR1930T


I have seen other computers boot including new computers and they often are slow.

People don't know how to tune up their Pcs, for one thing they might have a lot of junk that loads with the operating system.


On my WinXP Pc I use a multiboot hard drive, when I turned on I get a multibook menu then I have to chose a partition to boot into, that takes a little time.

Then I have to enter a long password, that also takes time, after I enter the password it boots into the WinXP partition and that is more or less fast.

The total boot time is about 21 seconds, but from log on to desktop is about 5 to 6 seconds.

The time to log on is about 15 to 16 seconds.

If I didn't have a multiboot hard drive and also didn't have to enter a password, it then would be a lot faster.

I have not made any hardware changes to the original computer other than changing the hard drive from 80 GBs to something a little bit bigger and and changing the memory from 1/2 GB to 2 GBs.

No changes at all on the motherboard nor on the CPU, no over clocking either, I didn't update the BIOS either.

It is all a matter of software clean-up and software tune-up.

It isn't just a faster boot time, but the Pc responds very fast overall.


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