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Thick as Butter


Thick as Butter

Heavenletter #792 Published on: December 21, 2002
God said:

Tarry a while with Me. It is such a little thing, to stop from the hustle and bustle, and give a nod to Me. It is such a little thing, and yet it enlivens you and the universe. But how can a simple thought directed to Me carry so much power?

First of all, many of your thoughts are on aspects of life that do not benefit you or anyone. You know what I mean. Grumbling thoughts. Repetitive thoughts. Worry thoughts. Somehow many of your thoughts are of the past with one or two of an imagined future thrown in. You hash the past. And you worry the future.

When you think of Me, you are pulled into the present, for I am immediate. When you think of Me, you reverberate with Me, and so you rise to a higher vibration. In that case, move over closer to Me. Move over closer to Me in your heart. Feel My presence. I am with you right now.

You may have something caught in your throat, but you don't need words to communicate with Me. A silent nod of recognition is enough. But words are fine too. They are like the butter spread on the bread. By all means, spread butter thick, for you like it.

You have My permission to converse with Me. Call it imaginary, or call it true, it is at My behest that you talk to Me and hear My answers. No matter how faint My answers may seem to you, your thoughts and Mine marshal the forces of the universe. Your thoughts adhere Me to you in your consciousness, and so they work their magic. Thoughts on less than the majesty of Truth fiddle life away. Many of your thoughts are no more than dusting idle items in the corners. But when your thoughts are on Me, you throw the front doors wide open and step into the full sunshine of life. You are meant to live in the sunshine, not in the corners. Turn your pockets of life inside out and see all that they hold.

You are here to explore life. And I am part of life. I am a great part of it. In one way or another, I am the Most of It. Modesty aside, I am All of It. Therefore, take Me with you. Come with Me. They are the same. Jostle yourself a little. Be My friend. Jog along with Me.

You may have priorly decided that, if I exist at all, I am at a distance in space and time. You may have thought of Me as Someone high on a mountain top out of your realm. You may have acknowledged Me as Someone Who might deign to meet with super beings in the Biblical past, but you have not seen Me as accessible today. So you have envisioned Me, if you have envisioned Me at all, as High and Mighty, and you have forgotten about Close. My vibration is high, and I am mighty, but I am also so close to you that your breath and My breath mingle. If We are One, how can I possibly be far? I am your God, and you are My beloved, dear and close to Me.

Entry #287


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