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Heavenletter #867 Published on: March 5, 2003
God said:

What if you could accept that everything is just right right now? That however life may appear to be, it is excellent and everything is working out in a perfect way? That what you see as toil and trouble are perfect stitches in the embroidery of life? That no stitches are dropped, and that the seeming random back and forth and in's and out's result in a work of art so brilliant and dazzling that, when finally you see it, you are in awe and utterly amazed that you are a participant in it.

You thought you were doing one thing and now you find you were doing another.

You thought you were somewhere where you were not. You were somewhere else altogether.

Often in life you feel you don't know what you are doing. And I am telling you that that is so. You do not know what you are doing. You do not know what you are a part of and you do not begin to know your contribution to the whole.

A beautiful quilt is being made from patches. You may have thought you were only a patch stuffed in a drawer, back shelf, hidden away. Wait until you see that you are the glorious center of the quilt. It is being put together now. We are weaving it together now.

The quilt is an extension of you. You are extended. You are not solitary.

What if you thought you were one note of a song, and that your note wasn't beautiful and that it didn't matter? But when you hear all the notes sung together, there is music unassailable of such exquisiteness that you don't remember ever hearing before and you never want to be without again. Shhh. Listen. Perhaps you will hear it now.

What if you are a character in a novel. Perhaps you don't know why you were brought into it or what you are doing there. You may have thought you were only an idle character who appears and signifies nothing, and yet, when the novel is complete, and you see how you figure in it, you begin to know that you are the heart of the novel.

What if you were a track of a train. One like any other, you thought. Unaware of your importance to the whole. Unaware of how needed you are. Unaware of your whole value. Unaware only because your attention went only to the little position you were in and you were unaware of your value to the whole track and the trains that ride upon it.

What if you thought you were just another fruit on a tree? You didn't know you were an apple. You didn't know what fruit or apples were. You were just there, hanging there. You didn't know you had been a blossom that became an apple. You didn't know you came from the sap of the tree and that you were what the tree was for! You didn't know you were to be picked. You didn't know your purpose. And if you fell to the ground, you didn't know that you still had purpose and that you were the perpetuator of the soil and that you held the seed and the whole history of other trees within you?

What if that apple knew that he held the Tree of Life? That he was indeed the Tree of Life.

What if you truly knew that you are God-sent to uplift the world entire? What if you knew there is no past nor future nor even present, only eternity, and that you are smack in the middle of it (if eternity could have a middle)? That, in fact, you are eternity itself? Strong silent eternity laid out for all to see.

You are not a passel of eternity. You are Eternity. Eternity exists, and it is you.

Entry #289


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