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The Changing Seasons


The Changing Seasons

Heavenletter #702 Published on: September 21, 2002

Do not make of Me a reason. Do not make of Me an excuse. Make of Me what you will, but do not make Me an explanation for what you do. Do not use Me to prove something.

It is better not to measure your love for Me or some else's love for me. It is better not to try to prove your love for Me or prove that someone else's love is not.

There have been wars in My Name, and there have been suicide and mercilessness, all to prove individual fealty and righteousness, and presumably Mine.

Never think that you love Me more than anyone else does. It may be that you consciously do, but that is not for you to consider. Your love for Me is not yours to own. It is a gift given to you, not to take pride in, but to distribute.

All receive My love equally. My love knows no boundaries, certainly not those put up by the world. No one means more to Me than another. Some have more awareness of My love, but My love is not a pie that you cut where some get a bigger piece and some get less. In any case, you are not the meter of that nor the reader of the meter.

Love Me with all your heart, and you will not have space in your heart to measure anyone else.

When the seasons change, you do not take them personally. You do not think that you caused winter or spring, that they are an award or penalty that you brought about and were incurred so that you could gain a lesson. Certainly, you can learn from the seasons, but they are not set before you as a trap nor as a medal.

When winter comes, you may grumble about it, but you take out your boots and your hat and warm coat and shovel. You go along with it, side by side. Winter takes its course, and you live your life with winter as in spring. You are separate from winter. It is not an affront upon you. It is something that comes, and something that goes.

When spring and summer come, you are still you, only now the world is in bloom and you can put your coat and hat away. You coexist with the seasons. Seasons are seasons, and you are you.

Yet when other conditions come to you, you take them personally. You fight them right and left. You object to them. They never should have happened.

Please do not consider that events in life are directed specifically at you any more than the seasons. When certain events seem to be specifically directed at you, lessen their impact by walking along with them until they part from you. In the grand picture, nothing is personal to you, dear ones.

You are neither victor nor victim.

You are a trembling Human being who experiences what life brings and what you bring to it.

Open the door of your heart no matter what the season.

What can you welcome today that you have not welcomed before? Whom can you welcome? What can you foster in your life today that you did not yesterday? Where can you leap today where yesterday you stumbled? What magnificence can you give to another heart and so to your own? What road to your heart or another's will you open today? What will you make of Me and the world today? What treasure of love will you reveal, and what treasure will you find?

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