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Love Alone Is


Love Alone Is

Heavenletter #673 Published on: August 23, 2002
God said:

You are a receptor of God's love. That is the Truth of you. You are a receptor like a wand, and My love waves in and My love waves out, ever-present in its outward and inward motions. The state of receptor includes the state of giving. As a giver you are simply making more room for more receiving and more giving. Giving and receiving are really one motion. Analysis makes them two, but they are the one and the same sweep of love.

The tide comes in, and the tide goes out, but it is all the same Ocean, and the Ocean is.

I tell you that you are love, and that is what you are, and that is all you are, and that is very hard for you to believe. But that is because you believe in anger and hurt and all those other things that consume your attention. Switch your attention.

Your attention is a like a swing. Swing your attention over to love instead of all the other attention-grabbers.

Snips and snails of life are always trying to get your attention. Your attention cannot be in two places at once. You are love in truth, but your attention is so much on this and that that you have come to believe you are a sum of all the emotions and all the regrets and all the past performance that occupy your thoughts.

You got the idea that somehow you have to protect a part of you that you identify as love, and so you forgot, for a moment or two, the wholeness of love that you are, and assign only one part of your heart as love. You stuff all the other emotions in there until love is sequestered, only to come out at certain assigned times, as if love were a cuckoo-bird in a clock.

What if you are love and that is all you are? What if what I say is true? If you bear the possibility in mind that you are love and nothing but love, will it make a difference to you? Will it make a difference in how you see yourself and your interplay with the world and all the occupants in it? Will you become less an objector and more of a receiver? Will you laugh more? Will your life wear a different robe?

Will the world become lighter, less burdensome? Will you relax more? Will what matters in your life change? Will the progression of importance change? What can possibly be more important than this moment right now?

I am looking to change your mind about a lot of things. Maybe everything. But you are the one who has to change it. Change your mind, and your heart will be freed. You mind has kept it captive. Distract your mind a little from its preoccupations, and your heart can break free. Perhaps you will be happy. Perhaps you have been satisfied, but satisfaction is not enough happiness for you. It is a small corner of it.

Love and happiness are interchangeable. If love has not been that for you, you have been mixing up love with attachment. Or you have mixed up thinking with love, premeditation with love. Or you have thought love is supposed to bring certain things along with it, accomplish something.

Love is, not possesses.

Love does not have its picture taken.

Love stops for nothing.

Love exists independent of everything else.

It even exists independent of your volition.

You can mask love, but you cannot undo it.

You can flog it, but you cannot beat it.

Give in. Concede. You are love. Be it.

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