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You Are a Bare Beginner


You Are a Bare Beginner

Heavenletter #711 Published on: October 1, 2002
God said:

What is at the bottom of your heart? What is the buried treasure located there? What is there deep within you that is calling to you?

It may not be at all what you might have thought. It may be another sort of song altogether. It may be contrary to what you might have expected.

What We do know for sure is that there is a locked box in your heart, and it is ready to spring open, and you with it. You are ready to burst forth into the world for the first time. Whatever you have revealed of yourself up to this time has only been preview. Now the movie is really going to begin.

Always know that you are a beginner. When you begin to think you are an expert at life or in knowledge, you are losing your touch. When you feel well-established, then you carbon-copy yourself and, therefore, are no longer an original. It is not plagiarism, for it is yourself you copy, but it is still, nevertheless, imitation.

Knowing it all or mostly all is not innocent. It is smarter to recognize you don't know anything. It is wiser, and it is also closer to the truth.

The trouble with adoring all the knowledge you have gained is that it leads you in too-small a direction. All you know is not really worth a whole lot. All you ARE is another story. What you are and what you are to Me are inextricably woven. What you know is small potatoes, hardly worth mentioning, next to what We are.

But you all know people who think they know everything about something. And are you not one of them?

In your spiritual pursuits, are you trying to grasp knowledge or are you trying to acquaint yourself with Me? Are you trying to make yourself mightier or paying attention to Me? What are you trying to prove, and to whom — yourself, the world, the elongated past? To Me, you have to prove nothing. I don't ask proof from you nor do I ask for great knowledge. I don't ask for your mind. I ask for your heart. Give it to Me.

This is often called surrender, but I don't quite see it that way. Your heart is already Mine, so I ask not for surrender from you, nor concession, nor giving in, but only your awareness of the true state of affairs. I ask for breakthrough.

You are a bare beginner. And that is a good thing to be. And when you know that, that is a breakthrough.

What is letting go of the past but allowing yourself entry into the present? What is accumulated knowledge but the past brought forward? Knowledge is worshipped in the world, but it is little next to innocence.

Each day is new. It is not old.

And each day you are new.

Christ said to be as the little child. Young children and animals are innocence, and their innocence takes them far. It takes them to Me. Actually, unlike you, they never thought they were apart.

For children, the knowledge of separation reaches them later, just as it reached you. It is something the world passes on. So much for knowledge.

When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they put acquired knowledge above innocence. They were not evicted from the Garden of Eden. With their emphasis on knowledge, they withdrew themselves.

Pure simple awareness beats knowledge.

Entry #300


topazz28Comment by topazz28 - January 20, 2012, 1:09 am
Wow this one really speaks to me!

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