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To Fly on Earth


To Fly on Earth

Heavenletter #47 Published on: December 22, 2000

Time does not exist. Or if you insist it does, it exists as a faulty measure of eternity. It can only be faulty, for it tries to bind the bindless. It demarcates that which cannot be demarcated. The concept of time tries to hold back a flow. It wants to break it into segments. But that is an interruption to flow, and it is false. There is an issuance of love, and time tries to package it. But love will not be packaged.

Eternity means always is and so never was. Never was. No past tense. All the past that you hoard never really was. Love was. All the past you hoard is a memory of dots on a map. But the dots are not the map. And your memories are not truth. Your memories are an attempt to hold in place pictured events. You only imagined them. You made up a meaning. You interpreted the uninterpretable.

Physics tells you that an event is a happening in time and space. Physics will also tell you that time and space are not. So what is an event? And what is a memory? A blade of grass in a painted field. No more, no less.

A memory is a picture you paint and repaint.

Move on.

Leave the landscape you painted and repainted, and start a new one. Take wet brushes and paint today. Today holds an imagined canvas before you, but at least it is fresh. Start over. Recast your life into the present. Abandon the past. It really has no hold over you, although you maintain that it does.

You are light. Should light be held back by the cover-up of the past? The past is only an excuse. Step through the past. Throw away excuses. There are none.

Stand before Me right now.

Stop dallying.

Step right up. I am the Present.

All there is is the present. This moment contains all.

The present is eternity. Get on for the ride.

And what a ride. What sights you will see. What vistas before you. And what a vision are you of My love.

Envision My love, and drop the past accumulations of thoughts. They are old pictures. They are old dresses that you once put on. Put on a beautiful new dress today. Leap into the present. Leap out of the past.

The past does not hold you. You hold the past. The past does not contain you. Do not you contain it. Do not you regress to the past. The past was not more beautiful than the present. Even when the past was terrible, you still want to keep it. It was not your past, My darling children. You have no past, for you are eternal, and that means you are present. So be present.

Be present with Me.

Be My consciousness, farseeing, all-knowing, all love dispersed upon the earth.

To what do I attach? I attach to Truth. No, I do not attach. I am Truth. I am free.

Be you like Me. That is all I ask, that you be grounded in Heaven and fly on earth.

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