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The Heart's Surrender


The Heart's Surrender

Heavenletter #342 Published on: October 6, 2001

Hearts are to be soft, not hard. When you judge something awry, your heart hardens. It reinforces itself, thus making itself a boundary.

Hearts can only accommodate love. A heart protects itself (needlessly) by tightening, and so a loving Human heart puts bars around itself and becomes hardened.

Love is a balm to your heart.

Anything less than love is a caustic and scars your heart.

You know what I am talking about.

Some of My children harbor hard feelings as if they were precious treasures.

Every grudge you hold, every insult, every sneer dries out your heart. Crying tears is good, but drying out your heart is a waste of My love.

You cannot waste your heart on love, because love is given. A heart flows in love for its own sake. It asks for no return. Its return is its own flow.

No one limits your heart but you. Anything less than flow limits your heart. When you dam up your heart, you don't keep anything out. You keep everything in.

A bee cannot sting your heart. A bee stings your skin, that's all. Anything you consider hurtful to your heart is only a bee sting on the surface of you. You are the only one who can spread it to your heart. And you are the one who can let it out from there.

Let out all the sludge from your heart. I implore you. It doesn't profit you to keep it. It clogs up the universe.

Let your heart send out clear messages to the universe. The only clear message is love. Love blocked is not love.

I gave your heart a special key. It is special because it can only open. It cannot close. The key to your heart is openness. I did not give you a key to close it.

When you think you must lock your heart, the odd thing is that you open it to more of what you don't want in the first place. The more you close your heart, the more it is onslaughted. A dam creates more pressure, not less. More presses against it, trying to open it.

Release your heart, and pressure leaves. High blood pressure leaves. Your mind started it, and your mind can release it from your heart.

Pressure comes because you are afraid to melt. You think melting will disintegrate you. On the contrary, it will integrate you.

Barriers do not integrate.

Barriers do not strengthen your heart. They make it weak.

A strong heart is strong-hearted. It is strong because it melts. It can only melt into Oneness.

A hardened heart has been keeping Oneness out, the very thing the heart wants. A hardened heart sends mixed messages to itself, until the heart is in a quandary.

Make up your mind.

If you want your heart to flow, open it.

If you want to clog it, close it.

A hardened heart is a weak heart.

A flowing heart is a strong one.

An opened heart is a relaxed one. It does not have to be on the alert.

A weak heart says, "Never". An open heart says, "Now".

What does your heart say?

Teach it to speak. Its silent openness will speak for itself. Your heart will be heard. It already is. Your heart attracts according to the messages it sends. The message it sends is returned.

Send out this message: "I give out my love now, not later. I do not take it back. I give it, and it is given. I do not re-call my heart like a faulty toy. My heart delivers God's messages. My heart is an intermediary. It mediates God to the world. God's love is dispersed to the world through my heart. That is what heart is meant to do. And with all my heart, I give God's love back to Him so that it may be given to the world. I surrender my heart."

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