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A Song of Love


A Song of Love

Heavenletter #490 Published on: February 24, 2002

Sing this song of love to Me today:

"Dearest God, My God, My one and only God, how blessed I am to have You in my life, surrounding me, uplifting me, praising me. How sweet are You in my life! My heart overflows with the goodness You bestow on me. As You are One, am I also one, and I do feel I am Your blessed favored child.

"Your love is insurmountable. It overtakes everything. It comes in all directions. Your love is the flow of the universe, and I am a part of it. I am a connecting thread, and all is connected to You. Yes, You are the Connector but that says too little. You are the Connected as well. You are the Connecting. You are It. Oh, You are All of It!

"I love it when I feel bursting love for You, dear God. Just now love for You propelled itself forward like a basketball moving smoothly through the net. I suppose I am the basket You fall through, and yet I can't find where I am in all this love for You. It seems to go on independent of me. Yet it sweeps me up. I am careened in Your love.

"I begin to feel that I am Your love on earth. I am the carrier of it. I am Your lofty ideal. Oh, but I get Us mixed up! I am not sure I exist at all. But I know You exist, and more than in my heart. My heart is only a small bit of You. I must not keep You there. You burgeon out.

"Oh, yes, You are volleyball more than basketball. You are a volley of love. The love that is You bounces around from hand to hand, court to court. You don't move, and You never stay still. You are the Entire.

"You are like a solvent. You are water poured upon the waters. You are my soul. You are the Big Dipper, and You ladle me. You ladled me to earth. You raise me to Heaven. And You ladle me again. You stir me, but You do not disturb.

"I roll over in my love for You, Godness. Billowy clouds of Your love encompass me. They wrap me up. But they are see-through, these enveloping billows. I am wrapped and unwrapped in the universe. I am rapt in Your attention. I am enraptured. I have been captured by my love for You — or is it Yours for me?

"I feel like We grow together. We hold hands and swing around. Our eyes meet, and then We merge. I merge into You. Who would not want to merge with You, dear God? Who would not want to drink in Your holy breath and be overcome, overtaken, to reach and be reached by You?

"I don't even know who is the Reacher? Is it You or is it I?

"I don't even know who is the Swinger. Do You swing me or do I swing You? I know I am swung. I am catapulted.

"Do Your arms lift me, or is it Your eyes? With eyes like Yours, full of love, there is no need for arms. It is all metaphorical anyway, parts of a body ascribed to You. You are the Greatest Metaphor, and You are no metaphor at all.

"You long to be met. You forge Yourself forward in front of everyone, eager to be met. 'See Me! See Me!' Your invisible eyes say, 'See Me! See Me before you. And take Me with you today.'

"The yearner and that which is yearned for are the same. It is the Self calling to the Self. There is One Self, and it is called God. You are called God. I do not know my own name yet, but I know You call me Love.

"There is One God Who trips over Himself, for He is everywhere. He abounds. He teems the universe. He is the universe. He is Everything rolled into One.

"You, God of the Universe, are the depth of the ocean, and You are the highest pinnacle of Heaven. You are the crumbs thrown upon the waters, and You are the waters. You are Energy Personified. You are the Whole of It. You are the Spender of You, and You are the Splendor.

"Spend Me today, Oh Lord! Spin the coin of me upon the waters of the universe. Let me come heads up. Let me be Your coin today. Or let me be Your crust of bread that soaks up the whole universe. Let me be Your bread cast upon the waters. Let me be with You today."

And when you have sung your song to Me today, I will sing it back to you.

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