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Eternal Light Shines


Eternal Light Shines

Heavenletter #944 Published on: May 22, 2003

O, to be innocent again! O, to be wide-eyed! O, to awake fresh each morning and see a new world waiting, chomping at the bit for you, ready and willing for you, open-armed for you while you pull back the covers and leap out of bed! You cannot go fast enough to match the eagerness in your heart for the day that has come. What a glad welcome to give to your day who so regularly and promptly comes to you!

When did you become less eager for your day, and why? What cut into your proven heart and made it absentminded about joy? What happened to your eagerness for the morning and your subsequent emergence into the world?

The sun rises and shines. The stars and moon come out. Grass grows. Winds blow. Seasons come and go, and you may take nature as a given and forget to be exhilarated by it. Take a look at nature today, a closer look. Let your eyes peer at the miracles of nature, and know that you, the one looking, are a great miracle too.

How can a child of Mine be grumpy? In the midst of plenty, how can you not be full?

If one thing dissatisfies you, replace it with one that satisfies.

In your mind, hike up beautiful mountains, climb trees, swing from the utmost branch, dabble your feet in a mountain tarn, blink your eyes and, in a new light, look at where your body stands now. You look in new light; you look. New light is always the case.

Light is ever new, and you stand in it. You are in the theater of life. You are the introducer. You are introducing life to the world. You stand in the morning sunshine, and you remember the light you stand in.

Every day you are a new speaker, and you are a new audience, and you introduce the world to newness. You do not repeat the same speech, for you know that everything is new and it is wonderful, and it is all for you, and for you to share My bounty generously. You pronounce the world to itself.

What more do you want to do than share the beauty you are brimful of? You are replete in beauty. You are overflowing in it, and like a mighty river, you overflow your banks and reach everywhere.

Your thoughts are the rivers, and your thoughts flood the world. You are far more important to the whole than you have ever imagined. Beloveds, you cannot be grumpy for yourself alone. Nor can you be joyous for yourself alone.

You are an illuminator of the world. You put a sign up each morning. What does your sign say? It is the kind of sign where you can insert a new one. If the sign you hang out each morning is rusted, well, then, get a new one and hang that up.

You choose the clothes you put on. Why not choose the mood you carry?

Sunlight moves. At one moment it alights on one tree, and then it moves on to another. One tree is in the foreground of light and then the light moves on, but not one tree is overlooked by the Sun. Am I not greater than the Sun which embodies My light?

I shine everywhere the same. There is no twig I overlook. Unlike the sun, I do not rise and set. I only rise. And I rise in you.

Look not so much for Me in the circumstances that surround you. Look for Me within you, for I am always shining in your heart. My Light fills you now. You are filled with My Light. Long is My Light. Eternal is it in you.

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