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What Would You Say?


What Would You Say?

Heavenletter #669 Published on: August 19, 2002
God said:

What is in your heart to tell the world? If you had five minutes on TV during which the whole world would be glued to you, what would you say? If you had one minute of the attention of every heart and soul on earth, what words would issue forth from your lips? If you were given air time to say ONE word only that the whole world would listen to, what would it be? What does what you have to say come down to?

What words come to your mind that you dismiss, for you would not waste the precious moment when the whole world looks to you. In that moment you would consider what was important for you to say. I do not think you would be thinking, "What would someone else say? What would be popular? What does the world want to hear? I'll tell them what they want." I think you would be thinking, "What is the truth of what I have to say?"

Yet much of your life has been spent wanting to say or do what you think the world wants, or what someone in it wants. But the question before you now is, What would you say?

With millions of words to choose from, which one would you pick?

If the one word you choose would affect the whole destiny of the world, when all is said and done, what word would you utter?

I don't think you would use this occasion to vent. I think you would consider more than yourself. I believe you would be thinking of what you could say that would have value. I think that whatever word you uttered, you would make it your gift to the world.

If you were given this moment before the whole world, and you could only appear and not say a word, what would you convey? What might you say with your posture? What simple gestures might you use to express something worthy to the world?

I have a feeling that in silence, you might convey something even deeper than what you would have conveyed in words.

In either case, I believe that you would express some kind of joy.

You would not express pettiness or frustration or revenge. You would not care about getting your two cents' worth in. You would be thinking more of what lasting thought you could leave with the whole world, this audience with their eyes on you, attentive to you.

I think your intent would be serious, but you would not admonish the world. You would not give it warning. You would not shake your finger at it. Am I correct?

I think that before you spoke to the body of the world, you would chip away at that ego of yours and come down to truth. You would find who you are and what you have to say. I think you would find your contribution to the world, for you do have contribution to make. You are going to leave an imprint of you on the world.

Now, let Us change the scenario a moment.

Let Us say you are given one moment to appear before Me and make a statement to Me. Would you say the same? Would your body language convey the same?

If I had asked you first what you would say to Me rather than to the world, might you have given a different response before than what you would say now? Would you really appear before Me and, as in the stories, ask to be let into Heaven and give explanations about your merit? Would it really be all about you?

I must leave My questions open-ended for you to answer. What would you say?

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