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A Lesson in Economics


A Lesson in Economics

Heavenletter #949 Published on: May 28, 2003
God said:

Money is a medium of exchange in the world. That means it is reciprocal. Something is exchanged for something else. Printed paper represents the energy of exchange.

Once upon a time the world traded in goods. A sheep was exchanged for lumber or labor. But when banks took a bigger role, instead of a sheep, paper and coins were exchanged.

Isn't it easier to see the energy in a sheep than it is in paper? But it is easier to move paper around. Exchanging paper for goods takes less energy than trading sheep.

How many sheep would one man collect, or how much lumber? Even a man with greed would say, "Enough." There comes an end to accumulating lumber when there is no further use for it or no means to transport it.

But paper money is compact. Even when it serves no practical purpose and must be stored, there is room for it. Banks even have vaults for it.

And so money became a metaphor for useful goods. It became energy because everyone agreed it would. Everyone agreed to love the paper as if it were a sheep.

Now, in the world, even a message of money is credited. The mention of money itself is credited and transferred. The hand is not even involved. Numbers on a pager are transferred. The actual cash is behind the scenes. The word "money" itself opens doors. For the sake of saying "Money is mine", money is chased, as if more of it would restore your heart or make you worth more. In the eyes of the world, it does.

Sometimes more energy is expended to have money than it is worth. Sometimes man gives up too much for it. Sometimes paper does not live up to its promise. It is, after all, only paper. It is, after all, only money.

Money has importance only in the world. In Heaven there is no money. What would Heaven trade and for what? The only thing exchanged in Heaven is love, and I cannot even say it is exchanged, for how can it be when love is all there is? No one in Heaven counts the love or measures it or piles it up or sets it aside for later or bargains with it. Love is free in Heaven. There is no labor of love even, for what labor is there to be what you are, and the only thing there is?

In Heaven love cannot be separated from existence. Existence is love. The birth of existence is love. Being is love. Your being is love.

In the world, remember love. When you exchange money for something else, give the energy of love with it. When you buy food at a store, not having grown it yourself, do not complain about the cost. Give recognition for all the people and all the hearts and all the work that went into the growing of the food and the transporting of it so that you might have it for your supper tonight. Do not take so much for granted. You are receiving great energy in exchange for paper.

Start taking out more love. If you do not love what you exchange paper for, then do not buy it. Be full-hearted with your love. Love is not to be stingy with. An exchange without love is a poor exchange.

Nothing is owed to you. At the same time, you deserve everything. The two are not incompatible.

It is not that money is not important. It just is not most important. Money is not the motivator. Love is.

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