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Where Are You Going?


Where Are You Going?

Heavenletter #331 Published on: September 25, 2001

You do not know what path you are following. You do not really know that you are following a path. You think you just stumble along, not really knowing where you are going. That is better than thinking you know exactly which way to go.

The path in life you follow is trust.

Trust in Me, and you will have more trust in yourself.

You do not have to grope in the dark.

You can trust that I lead you.

You can walk with confidence even in the dark.

Pick up your feet is all. That is all you have to do.

Keep going. Keep going forward.

I have given you a rope. It is Our golden connection. It is a sure thing.

I pull, and you follow. I give you lots of latitude. It is called freedom. Nevertheless, I urge you forward. I entice you. You want more knowing, and you want more freedom. You are free to come to Heaven whenever you wish and whichever way you wish. You can make it harder or easier.

It doesn't have to be hard, your stalwart journey to Me. Don't be in such a hurry. Consider your life a meal you eat. Don't rush through it. Don't try to get up from the table too soon. Be easy with your meal. Eat all the courses, and enjoy each one for what it is.

You do not try to make the entrée dessert. You do not try to make dessert the main dish. Be happy with what is put before you.

Your outcome is assured, so why then do you rush so? And where do you rush to?

I am right where you are. I am looking over your shoulder right now. I am right with you at every moment. Feel My presence. It is a loving presence, is it not?

When you let your sense of presence supercede the events around you, then your presence and Mine are alike. They set the same tone. Then you become the Listener. You become the Exuder of Love. All it takes is to let the outer noise fade a while, and set your heart to My station, which is clear and has no static.

Static does not come from Me. My voice is as clear as a bell. In the midst of anything, you can hear it. You just have to tune Me in. You don't have to tune everything else out. Just turn in My direction, and I will set your antenna.

So today We are talking about direction, the direction you go in, and the direction you set your ear and heart to.

Somehow you think there is something hard about following Me when it is the easiest thing in the world.

All your life you have followed something. You have followed world thought, or you have followed an individual, as if they knew the way for you.

But now you can walk directly to Me and let Me take you by the hand. I will gather you into My heart and keep you close to Me. Your awareness will unfold, and you will know where you are and what the purpose of your being is.

Be with Me.

Stay with Me a while.

Keep Me company.

Treasure Me. Keep Me with you. Hold Me in your heart.

Run away with Me. Let's elope, you and I. Let's fly to Heaven. Wherever your feet are, you can stay with Me in Heaven. In other words, you can knowingly place yourself in the center of My heart and stay there no matter where else you find yourself.

Once you have found Me, found Me in your awareness, you cannot lose Me. I am irrevocable. I am irrevocably yours. You and I are One.

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