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Pure Light


Pure Light

Heavenletter #53 Published on: December 27, 2000
God said:

There is not a scale with skepticism on one end and innocence on another. Innocence is not blind. Innocence sees clearly. Skepticism sees from watchful eyes only partially open.

Skepticism is like a tiger ready to pounce.

Innocence is the pure flowing water without debris bobbing on it.

Innocence isn't filtered.

It is its own filter.

Pure light has no need to be filtered.

There is nothing to filter.

Pure light knows no ending. It reaches everywhere. There is nowhere it cannot reach.

Pure light not only reaches you. It also emanates from you.

The pure light within you echoes the pure light of Heaven. Pure light can only reflect itself. When your eyes witness pure light, they witness nothing else. When your eyes witness pure light, there is nothing else to see. When you witness pure light, then you know you are One with your Creator. Light fills. Light cannot separate itself. Light is infinite, and you are Infinite Light, as I am Infinite Light. Infinite is Our Light.

Wherever your body sits at this moment, no matter in what dark dungeon, you are My pure light. And that is all you are. That is the extent of you. But you believe in the location of your body more than you believe in Me.

To have no light would be an awful thing. It would be pointless.

To have light and not know you do — that is worse than pointless. It is ridiculous to waste light.

If you had no light, you would not exist.

Do you exist? Can you say you do not? You, the you I speak to, has never known nonexistence. Sometimes it is hard for you to acknowledge your light because you have never been without it, but you have looked away from it. Now you have to look at your lighted heart. Why do you have to, you might ask. You have to so that you can know who you are. You have to know who you are so you can stand up and announce yourself. You have to introduce your Self to yourself. It does not matter who else knows Who you are. It is enough that you and I do know.

When you know your power, you can use it.

When you don't know your power, you don't use it, the same way you don't turn on a light when you do not know it is there, the same way as when you do not know the royalty of your birth, you don't claim it.

You have to know something.

Start with knowing who you are and what I am and what you are here for on earth. You are here for something. You are not here for nothing.

From on high in Heaven, I see your light flashing. That is what I see from where I am. And that is all I see, your beautiful light. Cannot you see even a little bit of what I see? Imagine that you are I. Come beside Me now. Look from My vantage. See all the beautiful Godlight reflecting back to you. You are the viewer and the reflector of the original Godlight.

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