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This One Thought Alone


This One Thought Alone

Heavenletter #544 Published on: April 17, 2002

Instead of thinking that the world is out to get you, entrap you, foil you, relinquish you, mess you up, mix you up, wound you, trample on you, trick you and all the myriad troubles that you think are in store for you, think again. Remind yourself that the world is weighted in your favor. This one platform of thought will change your life. When you change how you gear for life, your life is changed.

When you put warm clothing on, you are ready for the cold. When you put snowshoes on, you are ready to walk in the snow. When you put on a bathing suit, you are ready to swim. When you get on your bike, you are ready to pedal. When you get into your car, you are ready to drive. You make a choice, and you prepare the way for your choice.

How many times have I suggested that you change your thinking? Now I am telling you how and what. The why is excruciatingly evident.

Changing your thinking is changing your alert system to a relax system. You have been on guard. You have been gearing up for something untoward to befall you.

Start thinking this one thought: "The world is weighted in my favor." Isn't this different from what you have been thinking?

Start thinking: "The world wants me. The world greets me. The whole world looks to endow me. The crowds of the world lift me high on their shoulders and cheer me so that my travel is hastened and lightened. The whole universe propels me forward. The universe swirls me in joy. I am lifted high. I see over the crowds. I see wonder rushing on its way to me. The scales tip in my favor. The world is weighted in my favor."

This one switch in your thinking allows miracles to reach your awareness. This switch in your thinking is a way to set a trap for miracles. You have been wary of trouble. Now you will start to engage in miracle-watching.

You will change your whole mode of interaction with life.

Your thinking this one thought will shift the balance of all your thinking.

My direction to you today is more than mere wishing. Wishing is wistful. Wishing is weak. You wish for pieces of what you think won't happen. Wishing almost predicts that it won't happen. Wishing tends to be a hopeless thought with not a whole lot behind it.

But knowing your place in the scale of the universe predicates the goodness that is to come. Your new thinking clears a path for you. It sweeps the old thinking away. One change in the configuration of your thoughts, and everything is changed. You rise to the forefront of your life.

You are a champion of the world. You are a heralder of wonder to come. You are a miracle-watcher.

Your new uniform is a clear brow and a glow on your cheek. It is eyes wide-open. It is great energy. Not stamina. No need for stamina. There is no long haul any longer. No longer do you need spurts of energy either. Now you have energy ongoing.

You ride on energy as in a limousine. You sit back and you begin to know angels, for they are the energy that carries you. Angels flock to you. Your awareness of the good that is on its way calls them to you. And why would they ever leave when you make it easy for them to stay?

Angels light the way before you. Your new thinking urges them forward. Like a fleet of reindeer, angels leap you forward. They leap to your thoughts.

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