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Use Your Heart


Use Your Heart

Heavenletter #302 Published on: August 26, 2001
God said:

The wheel of life spins, and every once in a while, it gets a spurt, or, rather, you see it starting its revolution. You feel an upsurge. You feel there is a new momentum and you are impelled along.

So goes your growth faster. It is true you are speeded up. What is a higher vibration? It is a faster speed but so fast it is timeless.

You have had a jump-start. You are already started, and now you are on your way. The force of My love has impelled you.

You take off. You soar higher and higher until there is no space nor time to confuse you. You don't sail in space and time. You just sail. You just be, and the being of you rises higher and higher. That is how it is described, but in reality We could just as well say the being of you goes wider and wider or deeper and deeper, but there is no higher, no wider, no deeper for it to go to. Your being becomes more aware of itself, and is happy.

What is real has to become known to you. That is recognition. To re-know. Self-realization is making real to yourself the Real that has always been. It is a dawning. The truth of life dawns on you. You have found it.

You trip over your own shoelaces. That is all that happens.

You wake up. You realize. You recognize yourself. "Oh, that's who I am!" you say as it dawns on you. And you laugh at your long overdue recognition of the majesty of the truth of life.

The mightiness of the truth of life is love unadorned. That is the high vibration you seek, and you find it with Me. One day you wake up. Yes, you know who you are, but you also know where you are, and where can you be but with Me, in My heart, in the Highest Heaven? Let Us rest a moment in My heart while you get your bearings.

Okay, that is enough time. You are anchored in My heart, and now you know it, and now there is no leaving it, even in fantasy. Any leaving it was always fantasy, but fantasy is no longer good enough for you. You just are not in that place of fantasy any longer, for you have found yourself in My heart. What fantasy could surpass the reality of that? What can equal the mutual joy of Our heartedness? Where can you go from here?

You cannot go deeper into My heart, but your recognition can. Your recognition has layers. There is always more. There is always another layer, and it is more of the same, and yet it is more. It is a pulse of joy. It emanates and emanates. It surges. You float on a rising tide. You are on a lilt of life. And you rise higher and higher, and My energy is propelled to you, and you feel yourself filling up with more love, which is really just more of the same. And your heart is expanded. Only love expands your heart, which is already total expanse.

Unused parts of your heart are only unused parts of your heart. They were always there, only unused. And now they fill up with My love. Your intake is great, and you love My love that fills you, and My love loves to fill you.

You will never be sated with My love, but you can be filled with it, and then you let it out so there is room for more, and so the cycle is repeated. You are impulses of My love, and you are impelled to flow My love, in and out, in and out. My love knows nothing but flow. Flow it must, and you are the agent of it.

Entry #355


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