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Be an Enricher of Hearts


Be an Enricher of Hearts

Heavenletter #321 Published on: September 14, 2001
God said:

The core of life is My existence, and not what is portrayed on the screen of life. On the screen of life the conflagration of minds at war with themselves acts itself out. The names of their acts are drama and tragedy. They are crying for attention, and they will be noticed. "See me!" they are saying. "See how you have denied me!" they are saying. "See how I make you notice me!"

And they are schoolchildren who carve their name on a desk. They make their mark. They sear their name across the sky of life.

They think they have great cause, but they are causeless. Do not make a big thing out of a cause. A cause is another name for a cry of injustice. Just is judgment. Judgment is not honorable. A cause is a battle-cry, no more than that.

There is no enemy but thought. Thoughts are your enemy. An enemy is created by thought. You have called him to you. Be a friend. Let your platform be friendship. Justice is not enough. Friendship is better. Friendship of the heart. Friendship of intention.

Aim for a meeting of hearts rather than a stand-off.

Understanding goes a long way.

Do not be quick to take insult.

"How can someone do this to me!" you cry out.

How can someone do this to himself, I murmur. How can one of My children hurt another child of Mine who is none other than himself.

He knows not what he does is a statement of truth, for one would not do what he does if he but saw what it was. An act of terror is a last resort when nothing needs to be resorted to. Unhappy hearts do unhappy things. Something has become lopsided.

I seldom speak of prayer. Today I speak of prayer. I ask you to pray for one another. Pray for your own heart that you will bless another with My love. Bestow blessings upon those who need it more than you.

"Vengeance be Mine, sayeth the Lord," I am quoted as saying. I did not say it. I was misquoted. No God would say that. I would say, Righteousness is Mine. Love is Mine. I, Who have everything, ask for nothing but that My children have peace.

Vengeance is small. I am not a God of smallness. I am a God of Truth. Truth is much larger than vengeance. I am not a Flattener. I do not even things out. I do not keep things as they are. I expand, not contract. I expend, not ask for payment. Only love avenges.

I ask you for greatness.

I ask you to layer your love out to the universe. Let your love cross the world to hearts that crave and ask for your love. Give love from your heart to another's.

Do not make more drama. Make peace. Make peace in your heart.

Cry out if you must. Cry for the injured, and cry for the injurer, for he has wasted his heart on exacting something that only can be given.

Be a giver of love in the silent recesses of your heart. Expand your heart so it reaches the nethermost corner of hearts that ache. That is My prayer, that hearts will melt into one another's.

Be not a condemner. Condemnation is too small. Rise above your own thoughts.

Be an enricher of hearts. Some hearts are staggering in their pain. They thought you inflicted their pain. They thought they were being fair in exacting pain from you. Now you will rise above their pain. You will not equal it and say they caused you it. Balance those hearts with your love. Give love to the suffering. Retaliate with love. For My sake.


Entry #361


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