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The Whole Treasure of the Universe


The Whole Treasure of the Universe

Heavenletter #967 Published on: June 15, 2003
God said:

When your heart feels contracted, you have been looking in the wrong places. Remember the Source of love. The world is not its source. Yet you keep looking to the world for the love your heart yearns to be full of. To be sure, the world has love, but the world is so preoccupied with itself and so changeable that you will be kept waiting for its love, and when it arrives its time is so short that it will be gone before you know it. The world's love flits.

And you crave constancy of love. You seek love immutable. You seek love that shines so brightly, no shadow is possible. And I will tell you that you deserve such love, and that such love is in your own heart.

The love in your heart is inviolable. Even when it feels like a neglected orphan, your heart is inviolable. No matter how repressed, love is not altered. Perception is distorted, not love. Love is not missing from your heart. Your perception is missing. Your mind perceives, and it tends to condemn and rant and rave because it perceives amiss. The mind tends to look for dust in the corners. The mind is concerned with being right.

All the rightness in the world is incorrect without love shining on it. All the victoriousness, all the righteousness is mere talk without love.

When you are aware of less than love in your heart, know that you are mistaken. When you feel distraught that you are not loved, you are bemoaning the apparent lack of love in your own heart. When your own heart is full of itself, it has no concern with other hearts' failings. When you are happy, you are happy. The little things that may distress you now don't make a dent.

Too often you equate lack of happiness with absence of love. But I have just told you that love can not be absent. That is a conclusion you have drawn. Come to another one.

Your heart is splendid with love. Your own heart is. Let your heart be content to itself. Seek not the stranger to bestow love upon you. Your beloved dwells within. It is your own love that you seek to behold. Behold it then.

Your love is not something that needs to be bounced back here and there. The love in your heart does not gain its attributes from the passing accolades of the world. Your heart is complete. The whole treasure of the universe lies within your heart. Your heart is replete. Only you are the last one to know.

You have been digging for treasure everywhere but where it lies. Cupid shoots its arrows from your heart. Cupid does not wait for arrows to be directed to him. He is the expander of love, and so he expands it. Your heart is the bow that Cupid shoots from.

Your heart does not run out of love. But love unused is love unused. It can regain its strength. No matter how tired the muscle of your heart, it is not out of love, and it can be restored.

You are the one to restore it and to restore it now.

You cannot wait for someone else.

There is no need to wait for Me because I have filled your heart, and I am stationed there, waiting for you to give your own heart its recognition.

Soothe your own heart. You are dependent upon no other. It is the world that depends upon you.

Consider this morning that your heart is a tree. Let one leaf drop from it.


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