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Your Flight to Greatness


Your Flight to Greatness

Heavenletter #32 Published on: December 13, 2000

Without your prescribed boundaries, you feel that you are flying blind. And that is exactly what you must do. You can only fly blind. Any parameters you put down are interference. The fact is that you fly blind anyway. You write down these little mooring places and think that means you know where you are going. You don't even know where you have been, My children.

You fly blind, or it is not flying. Flying by the stars, that is another thing. But you have to know the wisdom of the stars in order to rely on them.

You have an inner guidance system that is from above. It is not from littleness. It is from greatness. It is not from tiny marks but from a great unmarked territory. You have to trust. What other choice do you have?

The flight you have signed up for does not have little rails for you to hold onto. It does not have little places for you to attach your feet to. In order to fly, you have to step off.

You have been flying all your life.

Your whole life is a flight to greatness, otherwise, you flee it.

Fly or flee.

Go forward or retreat.

Resist or accept.

Hold back or let go.

Now is time to let go. You have had enough of holding on.

And you have been holding on to fantasy.

Let go of fantasy, and you have Me.

That is what is left.

After fantasy, there is God.

All you ever had was Me.

You just thought you had something, but the something you thought you had was not. You thought you had fear and danger. What an imagination you have!

All along you have had Me, and I am All that you have had.

Is that so bad?

Does that make you less to have had God all along?

To have been unaware of what you had means you have not been observant.

You have been counting mere trifles. So busy counting that you forgot to look up and see that which is beyond counting. You have measured the measurable, and forgotten to look at the Immeasurable.

I am too vast to be measured. How do you measure Infinity?

You have been trying to measure the distance between you and Me, and I tell you there is no distance to measure. Distance does not exist. You and I exist. Oneness exists.

How far can you count one?

That you and I were ever fractured is illusion. That We have to reconnect bits into Wholeness is also illusion.

Right here, right now, you have it all.

You are not a splinter. You are not a torn piece. You are Wholeness. Only you have forgotten. I remind you, and you fear to believe, for you fear it might not be true, and you do not want to be disappointed one more time.

I have never been disappointed in you. I have always seen you as My precious Self. Now that is what you must see. And see it now. See Our gathering and not an imagined dissembling. For unless you open to Our Oneness, you are dissembling.

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