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tri stater here...don't forget about my gurl CT


Hi, my name is Ted and I got four lovely ladies I'm happy to call my own, BUT they sure can be a handful at  times.

First we got Liberty (she's from my hometown,she was my highschool sweetheart)

Second we got Penny (she's from Pennsylvania, she's the oldest)

Third we got my little pumpkin Jersie (she's form New Jersey, needs a lot of guidance)

Fourth and NOT least we got Connie (now there's a handful for ya')


We'll start off with Liberty we had a convo over the wknd, and I asked her why didn't she play the 842 and she said because 125 was an overdue number, and I'm like "Liberty 419 511  105 412 516 605 THOSE  are overdue numbers.

I also spoke with Penny whom was SUPPOSED to play 800, or 719 urmm.. but how about 513 Penny what happened? hmm?

Jersee don't you DARE speak to me coz you KNOW that after you play 808 comes 888 or 800 what's up with that? I'm not gonna come down on you too hard bcoz you did correct yourself after 079 which IS 897 one of my picks, alright now gurl keep up the good work!

CONNNIEEEE!!! WHY are you playing Liberty' #'s you NEED to play your own, what I told you bout that? You played 849 630 and 562 ummm...isn't 759 216 452 368 aren't these a bit overdue? Now I've been letting you gurls get away with this for a while coz I understand I've been spoiling you but NO MORE ya' hear? Way to go with that 204 tho, you keep this up I MIGHT choose you as my wife.

Liberty? how bout 300, 638, 909, 900,400, 500 115 216 hmm?

Penny? how bout 300,400, 893, 489, 303, 313, 339 700 0r 800 hmm?

Jersee? hey sweety how bout 876, 576, 368, 189, 700 719 108 218 0r 800 hmm?

Connie? I know your mad at me for shouting at you earlier, BUT if you acted right I wouldn't have to now would I? how bout 452, 869, 759, 412, 239, 215 hmm?

OK gurls I'll be checkin' back soon!

Oh and for you game lovers out there  1=9  9=1  0=1  8=3 and vice versa

I need you gurls to act right man, you messing with my money! Besides my church is needing funds for their renovation so ummm...yeah I AM a Christian with 4 gf's YES. The Lord has indeed Blessed me.


Bye now and have a blessed day!   See Ya!

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