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January 21, 2013, 9:22 pmKeep Off Of My Computer!!

The next time time, I will post your <snip> name KEEP AWAY FROM ME!!!


I'M WARNING YOU!!!!  K.G!!!!!!





Entry #9

December 11, 2012, 10:12 pmplay your own numbers!!

why do ppl feel the need to hack into ppl's network to see what they're playing?


Unfreakin believeable!!


yes and there is SUCH a person on this very site, STOP IT!!Mad

Entry #8
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April 5, 2012, 10:56 pmTed and his Gurls here...

hey gurls


liberty penny jersie & conniePartyhey-y-yy winner!!

me: winner?

in unison: yeah teddy we played your #'s honey

liberty: yeah i played your 989 2nite Smiley

penny: and I played your 686 2nite too baby Yes Nod

jersie: and i played the 900 coz libby could only play one # at a time so i helped her out Big Grin

connie: and baby I know you called for me to play 869 which i did btw and I also followed it up with one of your

previous predicts 897 Blue Angel

me: oh, ok thanks Crying

in unison: poo bear what'sa matter?

me: I didn't come see (play) any of you

in unison: you didn't WHAT?!

me: im sorry but libby you threw me for a loop with that 433 I played 432

libby: why you dumbo? you know jersie played 433

me: I kno but i didn't kno you would play the EXACT same thing

libby: WHAT-EVA

me: umm.. yeah libby and another thing why did you play 659 off of 599

libby: umm (mockingly) have you read your POST 6=9 hmm? nuff said. besides what did they play last yr?

me: ......


me: (looking down) 056

libby: and what's 056?

me: 659 (-_-)

libby: there, I rest my case

me: but libby why'd you play 892 2day?

libby: coz it was an overdue # THAT'S why

me: then you played 899

libby: I'm BUSY teddy!Type

me: please answer me libby

libby: (sigh) here we go again what did they play LAST yr on the 4th?

me: 809

libby: and what played on the 6th?

me: 809 What?

libby: and WHAT'S 809 teddy?

me: 899

me: but you were SUPPOSED to play it yesterday or tomorrow NOT 2nite sugah

libby: I PLAY MY #'s WHEN I WANNA!!

libby: If'n you'd stayed faithful you would've gotten it

me: I AM faithful to you libby

libby: BULLCRAP!!

libby: you JUST posted those #'s on the 3rd you couldn't stay faithful to me for 2DAYS teddy? puh-lease!

me: I'm sorry babe Sad

libby: just stay faithful to me honeybunch and I'ma fill those pockets o' yours

me: ok babe




heyyy penny?

penny: WHAT TEDDY? Cussing Face

me: why you so mad at me? what did I do?

penny: what did you DO, more's like what you DIDN'T!

penny: why didn't you come see (play) me teddy?

me: cupcake im sorry i jus didn't have the funds

penny: you couldn't SPARE a $1.50 for me?

me: I-

penny: dognabbit teddy, you JUST gave the # 2DAYS ago!

me: I kno, I kno no need to rub it in

penny: (muttering) frickin loser

me: what?

penny: aww nuthin' better luck next time hun

me: yeah ok thanks




hey jersie?

jersie: Nope Nope don't wanna hear it 2nite teddy

me: but.... but (sputtering)

jersie: BUT NOTHING!

jersie: I PLAYED your stupid 900 didn't I?

me: yes jes Frown

jersie: you're a sad sack I tell ya'

jersie: but I still luv ya'

me: me too babe




umm....... connie?

connie: oh HELL NO!

me: please connie

connie: you need someone to whoop dat a$$!!

connie: WHAT'S 869 TEDDY?!

connie: hmmmm?

me: 798No Nod 

me: I dunno I'm sorry

connie: yup one sorry sack of-

me: c'mon connie!

connie: don't YOU c'mon connie me, boy I just........I just WISH i could  Chair

me: you wish what conn?

connie: hmm? aww nuthin'

connie: but err...better luck next time ya hear?

me: yeah, thanks conn

connie: frickin ididot! Green laugh




me: may I please ask you gurls a question?

in unison: Group Hug

unison: yeah what is it?

me: what you gurls playing in the nest coupla days?

me: libby I got you for 543 299 399 219 109 495 900 800?

libby: what about your earlier posting today?

me: yeah..well some of those also

libby: ok we'll see

me: libby can you please play 758 379 2moro?

libby: BOY PLEASE!


me: penny i got you for 508 578 624 568 346 284 577

penny: .....I see

me: umm...penny?

penny: yes daddy?

me: could you please play 514 495 605 2moro please?

penny: teddy get out of my FACE you hear?!


me: jersie I got you for 215 252 253 508 705 579 100 109 199 809

jersie: Ohhhh kay

me: jersie I was wonderin if you could do me a small favor?

jersie: sure sugah

me: could you please play 100 109 059 159 2moro for me please?

jersie: teddy? (she said soothingly)

me: yes dumplin?

jersie: YOU SUCK!!

me: that was uncalled for jesUnhappy



me: connie I got you for 453 236/9 319/6 579 678

connie: yeah? so whaddya want me to say?

me: that you'll play 338 713 714 284 for me 2moro? please?

connie: Teddy? go get a <snip> LIFE Bash LEARN TO STAY FAITHFUL TO US FROM NOW ON!!


me: ok well bye gurls,  Sad Wavey I jus wanted to know that's all 

Entry #7
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April 5, 2012, 9:25 amlooking good

452 543 203 508 213 303 313 689 627 679




keep this in mind,  Good Luck!  :)

Entry #6
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April 3, 2012, 7:04 pmQuad stater here...

I need to ask my gurls sumthin'


me: liberty baby?

liberty: yeah baby?

me: I jus wanna kno umm.. 686 989 842 543 542 705 what you playin' 2nite darlin?

liberty: hmph! won't you like to know

me: c'mon bebe

liberty: Wink



me: penny

penny: mm?

me: 842 686 399 892 209 219 517 300 299 any of those 2nite darlin?:

penny: wouldn't you like to kno LOL



me: jersie-e-e hunee bunch!

jersie: hmmmm?

me: urmm... I was jus wonderinif you've had your fills with all those doubles

jersie: maybe, maybe not

me: in that case 689 669 719 718 989 976 705 anything like this 2nite my sugah dumpiln'?

jersie: ROFL

me: I'm funny am I?



me: hey conn

conn: hey wuazzup

me: conn what you playin 2nite? 719 622 739 823 674 167 679 508 am I hot honey?

connie: Jester Laugh



me: Mad am a clown am I? I'm just one big joke huh? I see you ladies got jokes 2nite!   BYE

Entry #5

April 3, 2012, 9:43 amQuad stater here...

Hi y'all what about my gals, huh? Are they amazing are what!


I spoke to Penny yesterday

me: heyyy pumpkin

penny: hi daddy

me: you played 700 yesterday!

penny: yes darlin' I did it for you

me: you sure is precious I tell ya'

penny: thank you daddy Embarassed 


I also had a talk with Connie

me: hey-y-y connie

connie: hey Teddy Bear

me: I liked what you did for me yesterday conn that 869 was wonderful

connie: I'd do anything for you teddy, you're my big wovable teddy bear Lovies


I din't speak to Jersie too much coz she's been actin up lately, however I did have a serious talk with Liberty

me: liberty?

liberty: yes poo bear?

me: what happened yesterday?

liberty: what do you mean?

liberty: you KNOW what I mean, how could you play 296 again hun? what I told you bout' bringing up stuff from the past? your # was SUPPOSED to be 216

liberty: but 592 IS 296

me: DON'T you sass me gal!  that's besides the point you ALREADY played 296  and April fool's was Sunday you shoulda' played that then

liberty: when you comin' to see me poo bear?

me: when you GIVE me sumthin' to come see you bout!

liberty: I'm sorry....Frown

me: yeah well....just do better next time


Little bit of a side bar: ppl, you need to treat the numbers like you treat the women in your lives they can be very unpredictable one day and very sweet the next.

When you understand women you'll conquer the number game.

Incidentally, if you happen to pass by my page and play a # off it and win, would you be so kind as to donate to a charitable organization?

Ple-e-e-e-a-se? For instance this month is MS month  (Muscular Sclerosis) if you have it to spare would you donate at least a dollar to your state chapter? Thank You in Advance Smile


Enriching your life, so that you may enrich the lives of others.  Have a blessed day!!See Ya!

Entry #4

April 2, 2012, 10:18 amtri stater here...don't forget about my gurl CT

Hi, my name is Ted and I got four lovely ladies I'm happy to call my own, BUT they sure can be a handful at  times.

First we got Liberty (she's from my hometown,she was my highschool sweetheart)

Second we got Penny (she's from Pennsylvania, she's the oldest)

Third we got my little pumpkin Jersie (she's form New Jersey, needs a lot of guidance)

Fourth and NOT least we got Connie (now there's a handful for ya')


We'll start off with Liberty we had a convo over the wknd, and I asked her why didn't she play the 842 and she said because 125 was an overdue number, and I'm like "Liberty 419 511  105 412 516 605 THOSE  are overdue numbers.

I also spoke with Penny whom was SUPPOSED to play 800, or 719 urmm.. but how about 513 Penny what happened? hmm?

Jersee don't you DARE speak to me coz you KNOW that after you play 808 comes 888 or 800 what's up with that? I'm not gonna come down on you too hard bcoz you did correct yourself after 079 which IS 897 one of my picks, alright now gurl keep up the good work!

CONNNIEEEE!!! WHY are you playing Liberty' #'s you NEED to play your own, what I told you bout that? You played 849 630 and 562 ummm...isn't 759 216 452 368 aren't these a bit overdue? Now I've been letting you gurls get away with this for a while coz I understand I've been spoiling you but NO MORE ya' hear? Way to go with that 204 tho, you keep this up I MIGHT choose you as my wife.

Liberty? how bout 300, 638, 909, 900,400, 500 115 216 hmm?

Penny? how bout 300,400, 893, 489, 303, 313, 339 700 0r 800 hmm?

Jersee? hey sweety how bout 876, 576, 368, 189, 700 719 108 218 0r 800 hmm?

Connie? I know your mad at me for shouting at you earlier, BUT if you acted right I wouldn't have to now would I? how bout 452, 869, 759, 412, 239, 215 hmm?

OK gurls I'll be checkin' back soon!

Oh and for you game lovers out there  1=9  9=1  0=1  8=3 and vice versa

I need you gurls to act right man, you messing with my money! Besides my church is needing funds for their renovation so ummm...yeah I AM a Christian with 4 gf's YES. The Lord has indeed Blessed me.


Bye now and have a blessed day!   See Ya!

Entry #3

April 1, 2012, 6:42 amtri- stater

Hi y'all wuazzup!


these are my picks........


204 452  842  416  516  503  517  719  500 896   769  607  800  876


879  488 417  510  303



Enriching your life, so that you may enrich the lives of others.      Have a blessed day!See Ya!

Entry #2

March 30, 2012, 4:11 pmfor the tri-state

Hi y'all wuazzup!


hit 911 yesterday for the combo   50/50    (my bf gets that one)


I like these #'s  109 124 512 576  892  216  106  212 219 108  199 099 900


I'll keep you posted

Entry #1