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Ted and his Gurls here...


hey gurls


liberty penny jersie & conniePartyhey-y-yy winner!!

me: winner?

in unison: yeah teddy we played your #'s honey

liberty: yeah i played your 989 2nite Smiley

penny: and I played your 686 2nite too baby Yes Nod

jersie: and i played the 900 coz libby could only play one # at a time so i helped her out Big Grin

connie: and baby I know you called for me to play 869 which i did btw and I also followed it up with one of your

previous predicts 897 Blue Angel

me: oh, ok thanks Crying

in unison: poo bear what'sa matter?

me: I didn't come see (play) any of you

in unison: you didn't WHAT?!

me: im sorry but libby you threw me for a loop with that 433 I played 432

libby: why you dumbo? you know jersie played 433

me: I kno but i didn't kno you would play the EXACT same thing

libby: WHAT-EVA

me: umm.. yeah libby and another thing why did you play 659 off of 599

libby: umm (mockingly) have you read your POST 6=9 hmm? nuff said. besides what did they play last yr?

me: ......


me: (looking down) 056

libby: and what's 056?

me: 659 (-_-)

libby: there, I rest my case

me: but libby why'd you play 892 2day?

libby: coz it was an overdue # THAT'S why

me: then you played 899

libby: I'm BUSY teddy!Type

me: please answer me libby

libby: (sigh) here we go again what did they play LAST yr on the 4th?

me: 809

libby: and what played on the 6th?

me: 809 What?

libby: and WHAT'S 809 teddy?

me: 899

me: but you were SUPPOSED to play it yesterday or tomorrow NOT 2nite sugah

libby: I PLAY MY #'s WHEN I WANNA!!

libby: If'n you'd stayed faithful you would've gotten it

me: I AM faithful to you libby

libby: BULLCRAP!!

libby: you JUST posted those #'s on the 3rd you couldn't stay faithful to me for 2DAYS teddy? puh-lease!

me: I'm sorry babe Sad

libby: just stay faithful to me honeybunch and I'ma fill those pockets o' yours

me: ok babe




heyyy penny?

penny: WHAT TEDDY? Cussing Face

me: why you so mad at me? what did I do?

penny: what did you DO, more's like what you DIDN'T!

penny: why didn't you come see (play) me teddy?

me: cupcake im sorry i jus didn't have the funds

penny: you couldn't SPARE a $1.50 for me?

me: I-

penny: dognabbit teddy, you JUST gave the # 2DAYS ago!

me: I kno, I kno no need to rub it in

penny: (muttering) frickin loser

me: what?

penny: aww nuthin' better luck next time hun

me: yeah ok thanks




hey jersie?

jersie: Nope Nope don't wanna hear it 2nite teddy

me: but.... but (sputtering)

jersie: BUT NOTHING!

jersie: I PLAYED your stupid 900 didn't I?

me: yes jes Frown

jersie: you're a sad sack I tell ya'

jersie: but I still luv ya'

me: me too babe




umm....... connie?

connie: oh HELL NO!

me: please connie

connie: you need someone to whoop dat a$$!!

connie: WHAT'S 869 TEDDY?!

connie: hmmmm?

me: 798No Nod 

me: I dunno I'm sorry

connie: yup one sorry sack of-

me: c'mon connie!

connie: don't YOU c'mon connie me, boy I just........I just WISH i could  Chair

me: you wish what conn?

connie: hmm? aww nuthin'

connie: but err...better luck next time ya hear?

me: yeah, thanks conn

connie: frickin ididot! Green laugh




me: may I please ask you gurls a question?

in unison: Group Hug

unison: yeah what is it?

me: what you gurls playing in the nest coupla days?

me: libby I got you for 543 299 399 219 109 495 900 800?

libby: what about your earlier posting today?

me: yeah..well some of those also

libby: ok we'll see

me: libby can you please play 758 379 2moro?

libby: BOY PLEASE!


me: penny i got you for 508 578 624 568 346 284 577

penny: .....I see

me: umm...penny?

penny: yes daddy?

me: could you please play 514 495 605 2moro please?

penny: teddy get out of my FACE you hear?!


me: jersie I got you for 215 252 253 508 705 579 100 109 199 809

jersie: Ohhhh kay

me: jersie I was wonderin if you could do me a small favor?

jersie: sure sugah

me: could you please play 100 109 059 159 2moro for me please?

jersie: teddy? (she said soothingly)

me: yes dumplin?

jersie: YOU SUCK!!

me: that was uncalled for jesUnhappy



me: connie I got you for 453 236/9 319/6 579 678

connie: yeah? so whaddya want me to say?

me: that you'll play 338 713 714 284 for me 2moro? please?

connie: Teddy? go get a <snip> LIFE Bash LEARN TO STAY FAITHFUL TO US FROM NOW ON!!


me: ok well bye gurls,  Sad Wavey I jus wanted to know that's all 

Entry #7


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