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God's Message


God's Message

Heavenletter #149 Published on: March 27, 2001

You are receiving messages from Me day and night. I am ever sending you messages. And they reach you. That is My part. Now it is yours to open them. Often you do not even notice their arrival, so how can you open them? You left them piled up outside your door like newspapers.

Pick up My messages. They are for you. And they are good news for you. The headlines read: GOD WANTS YOU.

But you think, Oh-oh, what does He want me for?

But My messages are nothing for you to fear. You are guilty of nothing. You fear you are guilty of something, and that you have a tongue-lashing or worse coming. No, you have love coming.

With or without your awareness of My messages waiting for you, you fear that there is some doom trying to catch up to you. What is the contrary of doom? I think it is good fortune, love, your desires' answers coming to you.

You may even suspect that you do have hopeful messages from Me, and you are afraid to pick them up. You fear that perhaps they were sent to the wrong address. Or perhaps they are some kind of mistake, a typo, or, if true, a message so old its truth has expired.

But what if you are really the one I have in mind? What if it is My blessings I have been trying to deliver to you? What if My blessings have no expiration date? What if the message is My love in answer to your uttermost desires?

Perhaps you fear disappointment more than you want good.

God has love letters for you. What do you think this is that you are reading right now? Do you think it is false advertising? I am Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

Or do you suspect it may be true, but meant for someone else? If you are reading it, it is for you. And if you are not reading it, it is also for you. I love My children equally. I favor all.

All My favors are directed toward you.

Think of what this means.

I think you'd better pick up your messages.

I think you will be glad.

Glad tidings await you.

Doom you can find on your own. You don't need Me for that.

And if you have already carried doom, let Me help you carry it away. It is heavy for you, but light for Me. I know what it really is, a piece of dust magnified. But even if it were the heaviness you thought, it is still light for Me. I know how to carry things, and I know how to make them disappear, for they never were anything except as your mind carried them.

You have unopened messages from Me. Will you grant that?

Furthermore, everyone and everything is My message. There are many of My messages that have crossed your path, and you haven't opened them. You have feared to open My messages for all the reasons given above which is to say for no reason at all.

Today expect good messages from Me. Look for My message from everyone you meet or talk to. And listen for My message that you are delivering to them.

My message is One, but how you deliver it is your choice. You can garble My message, or you can make it clear. You can try to not deliver it. You can try to toss it away. You can try to camouflage it. You can try to cross it out. But in your deepest heart, know that you are My chosen messenger.

How you receive My messages is also up to you. Forthrightly, or furtively, or not at all. You can misinterpret them, refuse them, not read them, misread them, read them upside down, never open them.

But there is always a message that you are giving or receiving. It may be a half-message. It may be veiled, but messages you are delivering and receiving all the time.

So I suggest that, while you are at it, take a look at My messages. You might as well. Receive Mine, and give Mine, for it is to Me that you give. I am the Sender and the ultimate Receiver. Deal with Me in truth, and My children in truth. What do you wait for? I am already here, and I have been waiting for you, My loves.

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